The message preached by Pastor Will was very eye opening for me. He talked extensively about John 3 and the job of John the Baptist which was basically to prepare the way for Jesus. John knew he wasn’t greater than Jesus for he is of the earth and Jesus who is from heaven is greater than he who is from and of the earth. John said he wasn’t worthy to tie the lace of the shoe of Jesus when Jesus came to him to be baptised. But John had to do it so the scriptures would be fulfilled. Something just dropped in my spirit as I wrote that. John felt he was unworthy and maybe he truly wasn’t worthy, but his feeling was not allowed to come in the way of his duty. You might feel unworthy, but you are not allowed to bury that thing which God has placed in your hands. You are not allowed not to use that gift which God has put in you for others. It’s not about you.

John the Baptist was the first baptiser, but after Jesus was baptised, Jesus also started his own baptising business. Funny enough, his shop was close to that of John. So technically, they were rivals because they were in the same business. The disciples of John saw that and pointed it out to John. They told him that the one he baptised is now baptising more people than he, John. John’s heart was full of joy as he did not see as his disciples saw. This is where the Holy Spirit really opened  my eyes through Pastor Will’s message. Pastor Will said the disciples were so focused on  popularity, maintaining image and crowd pulling that they did not see that it was really about Jesus. John was only a fore runner, preparing the way for Jesus who is the real baptiser as he would baptise with water and the spirit of God.

John said he was happy being the friend of the bride groom. It didn’t injure his pride that people were going to Jesus because that’s what his pride was based on. It was based on shining the light on Jesus. That’s why he said ‘he must increase, but I must decrease’ (John 3: 30). I meditated on what he said about Jesus being the focus and I prayed for forgiveness. I asked God to forgive me for every time I have made myself the focus.

‘A man receive nothing, except it be given to him from heaven’ (John 3: 27).  What you have was given to you by God, not for you to glorify yourself with it, but for you to glorify him with it. I told Juella while walking back from church that I was really encouraged by a message I got from someone regarding how much this blog is blessing her. I told Juella that I have to remember that I am only a messenger. I am not the creator of the words I put here and so I must never make the mistake of glorifying myself. Just as I must never commit the sin of not putting the message God gives me out there because I feel it’s not blessing people or I am too busy and lazy to write. It’s not about me. Pastor Will made me understand that today through the words of John. It’s about Jesus, not me. I am only a messenger shining the light on Jesus (not like he needs me to).

This week, you will not replace the creator for the created for it is the creator that will sustain you. You receive grace for humility so you will never make the mistake of thinking it is your effort and not grace. You receive the spirit of boldness to use that which God has placed in your heart because it’s not about you. Most importantly, you receive the grace to have your eyes fixed on Jesus, so he will increase in your life and you will decrease. May the peace and joy of the Lord be your portion his week.  Happy Sunday darlings. I will be back here tomorrow, so check this page.


  • frances
    October 18, 2015

    Amen and amen and amen!

    Funny opening this blogpost notification from my mail when I just read desiringGod article on this same topic.
    “He must increase and I must decrease…”
    This is deep..the answer to the inadequacy, pride and feelings that aren’t of God that we feel.

    God bless you mayowa.

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