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Hi guys. I hope you are having a good week. I have decided to share notes from one of my personal bible studies with you. I think I’m going to be doing that a lot now. If you also have anything to share, do not hesitate to send a mail to me at Stay awesome loves!


12th October 2015. (12: 31 A.M).

I recently noticed that God gives me a scripture for the week, but maybe I didn’t really pay attention to it before. Yesterday which was Sunday, I was thinking to myself that what scripture is God going to give me for this week. The scripture about the world Is waiting for the manifestation of the powers of the sons and daughters of God was ringing in my ear. I even prayed about it. But I forgot about it.

So here I am studying land law and the scripture ‘in him was life, and the life was the light of men’ (John 1: 4) was ringing in my ears. I wasn’t sure of where it was in the bible so I decided to check. I made a mental note to check but forgot and went back to studying. Then the scripture was ringing in my ears again and I remembered I was to check for where it was. I proceeded to do that and read the chapter from verse 1. My spirit couldn’t contain the excitement it felt when I got to verse 3.

The words ‘all things were made by him, and without him was not anything made that was made‘ jumped at me and I just knew that was the word. That was the main word the Holy Spirit was giving me for the week. More so because it aligns greatly with what I was going to post which is titled ‘who you are’.

All things were made by him, and without him was not anything mad that was made ~ John 1: 3

You wouldn’t be here if God did not permit you to be here. I guess that’s why he said ‘moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified’ (Romans 8: 30). So for you to be here, God must have called you first. For you to be doing that thing with an eternal significance, God must have called you here. We all know that the world was framed by the words of God and he called what was not as if it were. So you were dust, but God saw that he needed to create someone that fits into his divine design. So with the words of his mouth, he called you out of dust and made you who was nothing something.

“Everything was created through him, nothing , not one thing came into existence without him’ (John 1: 3. MSG)

If nothing else tells you, you are not a mistake but a carefully thought of being, that scripture should soundly tell you that. God is so powerful that he has the ability to make and unmake things. All he really has to do is open his mouth and call life into a thing. We have been given this same power but many of us use our mouths to pronounce the negative instead of the positive without even being aware. God could have chosen not to call you into existence. He could have chosen not to make you, but he called you. That’s more than enough reason for you to know you are not a mistake, but actually a very precious soul. Why? Because God doesn’t waste time and neither does he waste resources. The words of his mouth are powerful resources to us and for him to employ the use of that resource, it means you are worth it. So the next time the world tells you, you are not worth it, not only do you have to tell them Jesus gave his life for you. He did that for everyone and that can seem like a general thing. But now you have something specific to you. You tell them you wouldn’t be here if he didn’t make you because without him was nothing made that was made.

To all the wonderful scientists that will bring up evolution, Big Bang theory and whatever other explanation for your existence, let the words ‘without him was not anything made that was made’ sink into their system. And when the world (man) that can’t make anything try to tell you who you should be in the world, remind them that you are a special design. A design specific to God and you should never let go of that awesome reason that made God make you for what a powerful world thinks you should be.


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