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I asked a new friend (God is really bringing intellectual people who type in full my way), who claims he can’t write for an article. He sent this to me and it really blessed me. Be blessed by this piece by Samuel Ishola.


Hi guys! I have decided to share my leadership notes with you, which was coined from my understanding of Matthew 5: 1- 2. Jesus should be our standard. We should learn and model our lives after the ever perfect God and not flawed human beings. Don’t get me wrong, of course we can learn a great deal from humans, but we should be conscious of the fact that we were made in the image and likeness of God. For us to act like legitimate children, we must learn directly from the life of Jesus. Now, that I have established that, let’s look at some of the lessons I learnt from reading about Jesus. Feel free to contribute in the comment box.

When Jesus saw his ministry was drawing huge crowds, he climbed a hillside. Those who were apprenticed to him, the committed, climbed with him. Arriving at a quiet place, he sat down and taught his climbing companions. This is what he said. ~ Matthew 5: 1 – 2 (MSG)

1.) Jesus SAW:

He was paying attention to the ministry, the message and the people. A lot of people don’t notice when their work or activity is attracting or repelling people. This could be disastrous. As a leader, you have to be observant.

2.) He CLIMBED a hillside:

The more successful you are, the more you should work to get better. The crowd did not come to listen to Jesus because he was like them. They wanted a different, more refreshing message. He could easily have planted a cathedral there and then, but his work was way bigger than that crowd. He had to move higher. ‘if you want to lead the orchestra, turn your back on the crowd.’ According to pastor Gbeminiyi Eboda,in life/ business there are 3 main states: its either you’re peaking( going up), pitching( stagnant) or pitting( going down). Know where you are and address this

3.) Those who were APPRENTICED to him, the COMMITTED, CLIMBED with him:

This stresses the importance of fellowship, mentorship, followership, your sphere of influence and carrying people along.
The number one criteria for fellowship here was commitment. I’m pretty sure that there were a lot more ‘apprenticed’ to Jesus. But not all were committed. Only the committed climbed with him.
Only the committed can see the point of climbing higher. The non-committed ones were probably still with the crowd, basking in the moment, taking the stride of pride right on the corner of ‘I_HAVE_ARRIVED’ avenue, with a large chip on their shoulders. The committed knew the importance of being with the one who can bring the crowd, not the crowd in itself.

4.) Arriving at a QUIET PLACE, he SAT down:

We all need that time of rest, that place of succor, where we draw inspiration. Jesus did not start to teach his committed apprentices immediately he got to the quiet place. He sat down first, sitting is a posture of rest. The rest could be physical or mental. I have found from experience that the human mind is more likely to receive from God while in a place of rest. That’s why the bible stresses words like ‘don’t fear’ ‘be anxious for nothing’ ‘don’t worry’. It’S Not The Worry That’Ll Solve The Problem, It’S The Father. Listen to him. Rest in his bosom and you’ll find that answers come quickly that way. Find that quiet place and sit there.

5.) And TAUGHT his climbing companions:

I would normally have thought that Jesus climbed up so that he could have access to teach more people and so he could be seen better and his voice be heard from a raised platform.
No, Jesus went there to get refreshed and refresh his companions too. If you study well, you’ll see that he taught them all the way to chapter 8. This brings me to one point. At the beginning of chapter 8, when he came down, the crowd was still there, and there were still cheering. ‘Don’t worry about the crowd. Pay attention to the message/ quality of service/ excellence in performing your duties. The crowd will always be there’.

Now let’s go back, Jesus refreshed his disciples, this shows that the people around you have to be on the same page with you. Eventually, they’ll be taking your message all through the world, expanding your sphere of influence. Never joke with those committed to you. They’re different from the crowd. The crowd only want to take or receive from you. The committed people around you genuinely care about your welfare and what you carry. Don’t take that for granted.

Thanks for reading guys. Remain awesome and rooted in God’s love.


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