Lesson from 28th of May, 2015.

Hey guys! I am back!!! I definitely missed putting stuff on this blog. Happy new month guys. Welcome to the month a star was born. Yes, I was born on the 6th of June. That’s why I am confident you will all have an extra-ordinary month :*

I had one of the best days on the 28th of May 2015. My friend and I went to London to see my pastor and it was such a beautiful day, filled with laughter, peace, joy and the beauty of true friendship. I had not seen Pastor Aduloju for close to a year, so it was really good seeing him and just catching up. It was also good getting lost with Dara and laughing and dancing ridiculously on the road. Not only did I have a beautiful day, I also learnt some lessons from the simple things that happened that day. Permit me to share them with you.

We decided to go to London without really checking for how to get to where we were to go. Well, I did send the location to a friend of mine who checked online for us, gave us a map which I religiously followed without double checking for myself. I have the issue of getting late to most places (I am still working on that. I just hate being early and having to wait), but this time, Dara made sure we got to the train station about twenty minutes before our train time. That was annoying cause we had to wait, rather than risk missing our train (something I am very used to). The journey was going well, until we got down at a station we later regretted coming down at. The journey of asking questions, nodding ‘yes, I understand’ though we didn’t understand the description a stranger was trying to convey and the journey of getting lost begun.

I did not go with Dara’s gut feeling because of the map I had and so we did not get on a train that was going where we needed to be (I did not know at the time). I stuck with the map and refused to think/see beyond the map, though someone else could see beyond it. That is one of the problems with us humans, we are so used to a particular way of doing things that we sometimes create a barrier in our minds. We fight change because that is how it has always been done; that is what that person said and sometimes, we miss opportunities as a result. After a lot of contemplation, getting on the wrong train, being redirected and all, we finally got on the train going to Gallions Reach, the last stop on the map my friend gave me. I smiled and was relieved. Dara and I were eager to get out of the train because we believed we had almost reached the end of our journey.  We got down, went down the stairs and I kept on complaining about how I was unfit because climbing stairs was seriously an arduous task for me. My beautiful friend laughed at me and encouraged me to keep going. The beauty of having people in your life that will keep pushing you when you can’t push yourself.  For anyone that wants to succeed in life, you need people that will remind you of why you cannot give up when you want to. We got down and we were totally confused. We had no idea where to go from there. We saw a girl and decided to ask her. She genuinely thought she was helping, but only ended up discouraging me.

This friendly stranger ended the call with her mum just to assist us. I gave her the post code of where we were going and she first discouraged me by telling me she had never heard of the place. After a rather long silence, she said: “Oh my! You are completely on the wrong track. You will need to go back to where you were coming from and start again. You should never have come to this side. It’s going to be a very long journey”. I looked at Dara and I was just thinking this is looking stressful and Mayowa does not do stressful. She gave the final blow by telling us we might have to cross the river to the other side (that cracks me up now when I think about it, but it really wasn’t funny then). Dara and I said thank you and proceeded to return back to our starting point. I was no longer smiling and I said to Dara that we should just go back home. My beautiful friend said we had already come this far and she reminded me of the goal; seeing pastor Aduloju. We decided to continue the journey and go back. That is where I learnt the first lesson.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GO BACK AND START AGAIN. Giving up is found more in our dictionaries than starting again especially when we have to start all over again. But the crown lies in starting all over again and reaching that goal you have set for yourself.  The stranger’s words discouraged me and it’s the same way we get discouraged in life by people’s words or conduct. People tell us ‘it is impossible. No one has ever done this. What makes you think you can?’ ‘It is difficult. There is no point’ and we let the words sink. We let fear take over and fear becomes more important than our goals. We let few words and the failures of some make us forget about some that have succeeded. Even when you are tired, never abandon your journey for any reason. If you have to keep trying, keep trying. Keep drawing your strength from the giver of life and let life know you will stand no matter the pain, delay…

may 28th 3

Have a partner that sees your dream and fights for your dream with you. When we were finally with Pastor Aduloju, I told Dara that if she wasn’t with me, I would most likely have come back home or gone to my aunty’s house in London. I did not give up because my friend refused to let me give up. You need people like that, people that see the big picture and are ready to keep pushing you, even when they themselves are tired.  Dara said, ‘I want roots, not branches’ and I laughed and called her a villager, like I always do. She is right though. Roots always go the extra mile with you. Roots always help you to be focused. Roots never let you give up. Roots are friends that become family.

may 28th 2

Learn to laugh and see the good in all. It was so refreshing that we were still able to laugh at ourselves and just joke around though we missed our way and were not even sure we were on the right track. Laughing alone made the journey easier and laughing helped us to learn. If I were to travel that same route again, I would always remember the 28th and laugh because of the beautiful memories that were created. We learn everyday and having a joyful heart and a clear mind helps us indeed see what sadness might have blinded.  ‘Atleast we know this place now’, Dara said and though she said it so we could feel better, she was right. Nothing we ever go through in life is a waste. There is a lesson attached to everything and when you don’t see God and the good in even the bad, you miss the lesson you might need for tomorrow.

28th may 1

Finally, I learnt about trusting myself and my instincts. This trust can only be drawn from the trust you have in God.  Our journey would not have been elongated if I checked the map myself. It would not have been elongated if we got there where my instincts told us to get down and all. Dara jokingly said, ‘I can never get lost’ and to me, that showed faith. She said it jokingly but she also trusted herself and more importantly, trusted God. Faith is boldly saying and living life knowing God has you and no matter what, you will be fine.  It is very interesting that we later learnt that we were just fifteen minutes away from our final destination when we asked that kind stranger for directions and she told us to go back.  At the end of the day, I was glad we kept on going. Keep your goal as the focus and keep going. Trust me; you will be glad you did not give up when you finally actualize your goal.

Have a beautiful week guys!

  • frances
    June 2, 2015

    Welcome back!!

    I can imagine your experience..most times when I lose my way, it’s just plain stubbornness that makes me not to go back home, a determination to make sure I get to where I am going.
    Glad you learnt a lot from it and shared with us 🙂
    Have a great week ahead babes

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      June 5, 2015

      Frances!!! Thank you!

      The stubbornness helps you in a positive way so that is more than fine. Have a lovely weekend too.

  • akinrinola mofopefoluwa
    June 4, 2015

    Wow…this is a good story that is funny but has a lesson that would never be forgotten…its not the end of the world if you fail at doing something…trust yourself and trust God at all times…mayor(as usual).,good work and thanks for this…How are you??

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      June 5, 2015

      Fope!!! You are definitely right. It’s not failure when you don’t stop trying, but you keep going even when you we tired.

      I really can’t get you to get rid of the Mayor name. I am fine hon, you?

      And thank you for your comment and for stopping by

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