Lessons from Paulo Coelho and my baby.

It has been established here that I am a crazy fan of Paulo Coelho. If I should ever meet that great writer, I don’t even know how I will behave. It will definitely be one of the best days of my life. If you are new to this blog, you are very welcome and now you know I love Paulo Coelho. I am sure if you have read any of his books, you will agree with me that he is a gift from God to us humans. You can check here and here for excerpts from some of his books. I recently finished reading ‘Fifth Mountain’ By Paulo Coelho. It’s an amazing book that captured the story of Elijah and the strength that God gives to us when he tells us to embark on a journey that doesn’t make sense to us. It is by going on this journey that we really discover who we are and that’s how we learn the importance of relationships. In the book, he said something which I thought about for some minutes before I continued reading the book.

Akbar had been invaded and was now in ruins. The once beautiful city/town was now dead and her people were now walking shadows with no hope. Elijah left Akbar with the son of the woman he loved who was killed during the invasion. They were accommodated by a shepherd whose family was uncomfortable with Elijah’s presence because they believed he was a curse and he brought a curse on Akbar because he was a prophet who ran away from his own home town to Akbar because queen Jezebel sought after his life. Elijah was not planning on returning back to Akbar, but the little boy insisted they had to because Akbar was his mother as she said before she died and Akbar must be beautiful again because that’s how he wanted to remember his mum. Reluctantly, they returned to Akbar and started rebuilding the city. It started with about three of them, including the boy and when people saw what they were doing, they joined them even if they were not sure the beauty of Akbar could be restored. I learnt an important lesson from that.

Anything that you have built over years, including relationships can get destroyed. Just like Akbar was invaded just when things were really getting better, our lives can be invaded by bad happenings in life. Our efforts might not produce as much result and things might be going so well, then turn sour all of a sudden. And even if we don’t understand it, we can cry about the loss, but we have to move on. Elijah was not so encouraged when he started re-building Akbar but one day at a time, they did something and beautiful Akbar was restored. Darling, start over! Continue from where you left off before the invasion (whatever the invasion was. It can be money, fear, discouragement) came in. There is nothing wrong when your beautiful Akbar is sometimes invaded, but there is definitely something wrong if you don’t rebuild your beautiful Akbar even if it’s slow and steady.

Paulo Coelho through the character,  Elijah said ‘A CHILD CAN ALWAYS TEACH AN ADULT THREE THINGS: TO BE HAPPY FOR NO REASON, TO ALWAYS BE BUSY WITH SOMETHING, AND TO KNOW HOW TO DEMAND WITH ALL HIS MIGHT THAT WHICH HE DESIRES’. I wrote earlier on that I stopped to think about what he wrote. While I stopped, I thought about my niece and agreed with Paulo. Yes, that’s exactly what my ever beautiful, ever sharp, ever amazing, Shikemi does. I spent a week with the love of my life and everything she was doing kept on reminding me of how true Paulo’s words are. Shikemi is one of the happiest and smartest babies I know. She is so incredibly sharp and lovable, and yes, she always occupies herself with something. Whether she is throwing thrash in the dust bin or she is changing the channels on the Tv to what she wants, or she is dragging my hand and making me take her on her bicycle. She is never idle; I fear she might be a workaholic when she grows older. She is also always happy. My baby talks more than me and that is something because I talk a lot. You can never miss her smile and the beautiful sound of laughter that comes out of her mouth and echoes in the room. Even if she just finished crying, she is back to dancing (she is an amazing dancer. We have noticed her best song is ‘Godwin’. That is the song she plays herself and her lips move in an attempt to sing along). Mama is forever happy and when she wants something, even if its your ‘bat’ (that’s what she calls bag) or her daddy’s phone, there is nothing that will stop her from getting it.

I don’t know if all babies are like that, but I do know Paulo is right about my baby. And it is from her that I have come to learn that life is never that serious that you cannot be happy. More importantly, that you cannot have the joy God freely gives. I agree that happiness is not always achievable especially when your Akbar is being invaded, but joy, Joy is something that is always there. It is always there because the joy God gives is not dependant on what is going on. This joy is a re-assurance that everything will be fine at the end of the day because God does not take it lightly if something tries to tamper with the joy of his beloved.

Never be idle. Always be busy with what you are meant to be busy with. It’s important to state that it is possible to always be busy doing nothing. Nothing because there is no point if you are not busy doing what your purpose requires you to. Please, find out what your purpose is before you embark on any journey. When you know your purpose, then get busy walking in that direction. Never ever use God as an excuse not to work because you believe he will supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. An important reason you are here is for a purpose and God does not expect you not to get to work.

Be a resilient person who will never give up even if you get tired and stop for a while. Shikemi is very energetic and sometimes when she is not getting what she wants immediately, she lets it go. She retreats and goes to gather strength and devise another strategy which she will use to get what she wants. Then she comes back and continues the fight. Be like that. Do not be too proud to retreat and think of a new plan. When you desire something, that is something that is right and not something that is good because what you perceive to be good might not necessarily be right and be part of God’s plan for you, go after it. But please only keep going after it if you have consulted the Holy Spirit and he clears you to go ahead. This is important because sometimes, we get what we need and not what we want if we take a chill pill and leave the battle. That way, we end up winning the war. But please, learn to fight for your life, your dreams and never give yourself an excuse not to succeed.

My darlings, live, love, be joyful.  Be awesome! Have awesome lives. Peace!


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