Let go!

Hello everyone. I hope we are all good especially in light of the current change in our world. Even if you feel you have a reason to fret, kick against that and don’t fret. Someway somehow, I feel the world will be fine even if it might be shaken at first.

Now that I have gotten that of the way, kindly read this short piece by my younger sister, Oyindamola. I was going to post something else but she sent this piece to me last night and it really spoke to me. It really did.

I hope it speaks to you as well awesome readers and you realise that you have the strength to let go if there is something or someone you should let go of.

May we see the miracles in each day this week. Have a grace filled day.


Was it the way
You smiled
Or the way
You lit up my mood?
Was it the way
You spoke your love
To me
Or the way
You cared?
I don’t know what it was
But I just could not
Let go

Our paths were different
You were not my one
And I was not your one
But still
We pulled
And pulled
This rope
Connecting us to each other
It slackened
But we fought
To hold on

Hold on to what?
The idea of a perfect match
The idea of an amazing resonance
Just the idea
Not the reality
We could stand each other
We could more than stand each other in fact
We could love each other
But that love was not meant
To be in the form we tried so hard
To keep it in
You were a lot of things
But you were not everything

And today
I am no longer scared
I pray you are not scared
To let go
We deserve the best
And the truth
As hurtful as it is
Is that we
Give that to each other
It was great
We were our stepping stones
To the final matches
For our hearts
So I am
Grateful for you
But now it’s time
To let go

Pauly D.O.


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