Let us speak!

There is a quote that says ‘our lives begin to end when we keep quiet about things that matter’ or something like that. Tomi, through his poem is telling us its time to speak for the people who as a result of one reason or the other can’t speak for themselves. And that’s exactly what this series is about. Join us tomorrow for another episode. Stay beautiful darlings 🙂

One, two, she buckles her shoes

Three, four, she’s on the news

Five, six, she’s only six

Seven, eight, we watch and wait

Nine, ten, in their nines and tens

Eleven, twelve, are the other ages

Of young girls on newspaper pages

Who have lost their innocence so young

Being trafficked to a life they don’t belong


The world is a cold and lifeless place

For a place with so much life

The world is such a horrible place

For a place with so much life


One, two, me and you

Three, four, what are we here for?

Five, six, if we cannot speak

Seven, eight, but just watch and wait

Nine, ten, who will save them then?

Eleven, twelve, we should be ashamed of ourselves

Ashamed if we don’t speak


For the world is such a cold and lifeless place

For a girl with so much life

Let us speak, let us fight!

About the author: Tomi Olugbemi’s mind is constantly being bombarded with thoughts on and about everything from culture, to the state of the human self. He is a phlegmatic on the weird side of life(unique is too mainstream). He has regrets but his dreams keeps him going. He writes to escape and I personally recommend his blog not becauase he is participating in this series, but because he is an amazing writer and I am confident you will learn something or two from his blog. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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