Lights on!

I discovered Rebecca Ferguson in 2012 and became a quick fan. She has such a lovely voice and there is a passion with which she sings her songs. But I lost touch with her (lol! Like she knows who I am. SMH) and decided to find my way back to her weeks ago. I have loved catching up with her songs that I missed. Freedom and Light on have become my favorite. There is just something about the lyrics and the way she sang the songs.

Light on is basically about someone that still believed in her and kept on standing firm for her when she was lost. S/he was always there to give a dose of happiness and hope. The song starts with her saying we are all on a journey and have different paths but sometimes it gets hard and dark. And I am guessing in her own journey, there was someone that shone light and allowed her see in the dark.

Amazing song, I tell you!

Rebecca Ferguson is right though. Very right, infact.

Life can be really hard and a lot of times, people make it harder and there are some blessed souls that make it easier. Alot of us really do know we have an endless pit of possibilities in us and that we matter, but life just makes us forget sometimes. Lack of productivity makes us forget. Constantly being put down by people makes us forget we matter. But imagine the difference it will make when we have someone that will always keep the light on for us. When there is always someone to offer us a warm hug and for a moment, all is well in our world because of how comforting their love shown in deed is.

Imagine the many things we will achieve when there is someone that is too ready to tell us we can go on and we matter. We should not wait for people to tell us we can do something before we do it. We should be our biggest motivator, but that gets lonely sometimes and we will need a cheerleader that is not only us.

The thought of having all that and more probably made you smile. Now imagine the difference you will make in someone’s life and by extension the world by being all that was mentioned and more. Sometimes, the light we provide is all a person needs not to throw in the towel.

Give a genuine smile. Keep your arms wide open for a big hug. Say kind words to someone. Help someone see the worth that they are.  Pray for someone. Bless a soul through your deeds and do much more. Through that, we can keep the lights on and God knows the world is becoming too dark for us not to let our lights shine in the darkness. It does not matter if you feel your light is important or not, or if it’s shining just a little. All that matters is that it shines.

Are you keeping the lights on?

Have a great week ahead beautiful souls. Bless your hearts.

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