Linked Lives.

The day I saw you was not the beginning of a love story

It was normal.

We chatted and I enjoyed having a thought-provoking, but playful conversation with you.

Your mind was not extra-ordinary at the time

It was just… I guess brilliant, is what I can use to qualify it

But it wasn’t ‘out of the ordinary’ brilliant.


Our lives intersected during those minutes that we sat in the same room.

You on the bed and me, on the stool

But that was it

It wasn’t meant to be anything more.

We left the building and continued chatting,

Till we got to the point where we would go our separate ways

For a moment, I thought how sad it was that we would never get to have another long and easily flowing conversation

Goodbye was not sad. It just goodbye or rather, it was meant to be.


You saw an old soul in a young lady and you wanted another run at arguing about religion and the complicated issues of life.

So you asked for my number and I obliged you

After all, I had nothing to lose.

I had gained a new friend, albeit an intellectual one

And if you turned out not to be intellectual, blocking your number is a gift technology has availed to us

But you turned out to be good enough.


We were talking and I told you not to do something

Because our lives are now linked together

Whatever you do affects me and vice- versa.

Then I thought about Yahweh.

I remember Paul saying we should yield our members to Christ

Because we died with Christ when he was buried and a new life rose with him when he rose up.

Our lives are now hidden in HIM!


I remember Jesus telling his disciples when he was leaving them,

that not only is he with them, he is also in them.

In them!

In us!

In the most intimate part of us he lives

And that’s why he is ever present

It’s cause he is in us

Our lives are now linked with his.


This connection is deeper than the one I have with a mere mortal

The greatest King made himself so tiny that he may live in us.

I remember his words, ‘You cannot bear much fruit without me’.

I am an extension of him

And as he told his disciples that they would do greater works than he did,

He wanted them to represent him.

He wants us to represent him.


And so we are given the title of ambassadors.

Unworthy lives being given the greatest title of ambassadors of Christ

A title obtained through grace and Faith

So I represent him

Whatever I do reflects him

The day he chose me and I accepted myself as his choice

Was also the day he told me to let my life reflect him

So when people see me, they see him

For our lives are now linked.

What kind of reflection am I showing to people that know nothing of him?


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