Making a difference with NYSC year- Review by Grace Oche

Hi guys! It’s being a long while but I will definitely be back soon on this blog. I really hope you have been good and smiling through life. So the gifted Frances Okoro has written a third book titled ‘How to make a difference with your NYSC year’.

Kindly read the review by Grace. I am positive it will move you to want to get the book. Good thing is I have the links for you 🙂 Have a good Monday loves. Remain awesome!


Millions of Nigerian youths are subscripted into the NYSC yearly, mostly without their consent, In fact if they have their way, most youths will skip the NYSC year as they are forced to devote one year of their “precious life” serving their country. And so they go into the one year program almost comatose, like zombies, with little or no commitment, just killing time and waiting for the one year to pass quickly. This book is the snap that is needed to awaken every young person going into, or already in the NYSC program, to live one year of purpose for God, the communities and themselves. It is crammed full of tips and ideas to help us impact lives through our NYSC year rather than live for ourselves. Life is more than that!

It is written by Frances Okoro, an ex-corper who made good use of her NYSC year in making a difference in the lives of many. it is rich in content because as someone who is passionate about seeing young people fulfill purpose, she has poured out her heart and experience into the book.
The book is split into five chapters. And the very first chapter is an attack on the general mindset of young people that NYSC is a waste of time and abilities. Young people are advised to revamp their mind, lay aside every negativity and self limiting thoughts and forge ahead to make a difference that could be impactful for the rest of their lives.
The second chapter lays out steps to making a difference in the lives of others. It speaks briefly on how to discover purpose, and how it is paramount to meeting the needs of others. This chapter is rich because not only does it tie purpose to the Community Development Service (CDS) which every NYSC corper must be a part of, it also lays out steps on how to carry out Personal CDS, from sponsorship to getting approval and also preparing report. The author (bless her heart!) was so kind to provide draft of various letters she used during her time.

As corpers, one of the challenges we face is the inability to save out of our “allowee”(19,800) especially when we are not getting paid at our Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). This book in Chapter 3 and 4 gives us wisdom nuggets on how to be prudent in our spending. It is an eye opener to areas we have been careless in spending. It also gives us useful information on enterprises to venture into. By the time you are done with this book, you will be a corper that has an entrepreneurial outlook, adding value to yourself and others.
Having laid out step by step information on how to be meaningful during your NYSC year, this book concludes in Chapter 5 and 6 with a reminder that it is far more profitable to wait on God and walk according to His will and purpose for your life rather than guessing your way to destiny, and doors will open for you as long as you stay in God’s path. Also we are encouraged that while waiting for God’s plan to unfold, there are lots of meaningful things we can do during the wait, such as volunteer, skill building, etc.
Frances is also the author of Chastity In Men, and 10 steps to walking in purpose. She writes in a very easy to read way, yet each chapter is full of wisdom.
The wisdom in this book can even be easily applied to life after NYSC, because after you discover your purpose, as a corper, and start walking in it, there is absolutely no reason to deviate from it but to build yourself up in it.

I have read this book twice already and it has blessed me. It geared me up and gave me passion for my personal CDS, which I am currently running. I recommend that you give it to your child, aunty, uncle, brother, friend, anyone who is a corper and watch that life become transformed.

On amazon kindle:

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The hard copies are also stocked in Lagos and Ibadan.
Lagos is at The Oasis, 3 Keystone Bank Crescent, Off Adeyemo Alakija Street Lagos.

And it will also be available on Konga soonest.
People can call 07035539092 for further information or for orders.


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