Man Up!

Hello beautiful people. I hope you had a good weekend and you are ready to have a better week than last week. Make use of the power of positive thinking this week guys and go into this week with the mindset that you will be fine, you will have strength to do what you are meant to do and things will basically just work out for you.

Kindly read and share what I have for you today.


Aderinsola loves my jollof rice, so she always looks forward to eating it and having some to put in her fridge whenever I cook it. Recently, I went to London to visit her and before getting there, she made it known that I would make jollof rice for her. She recalled the experience of the last time she came to my house at Canterbury where she forgot the jollof rice I made for her in the fridge, I believe it was a rather painful one for her (yeah, my jollof is that awesome). So there I was making jollof rice for her (because I am just a nice person *side eye*) when she called my attention to an article she had read the night before. The article was titled ‘Who’s fault is it?’ Succinctly, the author talked about observing the police questioning some armed robbers they apprehended. One of the armed robbers said it was his parent’s fault that he turned out the way he did because they didn’t give him a good education. The author was shocked as the guy in question was a twenty- seven year old man. He then asked his readers who is to blame, the guy or his parents. Derin asked for my view and I started talking to her about the role nature and nurture have to do and about growing up. I concluded that even if his parents indeed had any significant part to play, it was still his fault. He should have ‘man-ed’ up at some point. So I’m about to also tell you to man up.

You are smart, I know you know all I am about to say, but I am still going to say it because you can never hear it enough. TAKE RESPONSIBILITES FOR YOUR ACTIONS. IT IS YOUR LIFE TO LEAD (It’s your life to lead is the title of my soon to be published book.  Look out for it darlings). You are the one driving the vehicle of your life and you alone determine where you want it to go. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the direction your life will take, but you still determine where it will go. You determine who you let into your life, where you go and what you do. So really, you determine most things that go into your life. Smish, a treasured friend of mine never ever blames anyone even if the person was clearly wrong. He just never blames anyone because he doesn’t see the point of doing that. I really admire that and hope I get to that point someday. He never blames anyone because at the end of the day, it’s his life and he will be the one to suffer the consequences of whatever it is. So why not just carry his cross, instead of wasting time, waiting for someone to come carry it.

My darlings, even if you have had bad experiences in life or your upbringing was not the best, it’s still not whoever it is fault. Even if it is, you can’t go on living life like that. It’s choking because you will never get anything done and you will be bitter. The bitterness will make you grow old and ugly. Why would you want to do that to yourself?

This week, please man up. No matter how hard it is, MAN UP AND CARRY YOUR CROSS. You are doing yourself a favour and you are doing the world one as well. Stop looking for whose fault it is and start looking for ways to be better and make the situation better. Stop being bitter that your parents are not rich enough or didn’t insist you had piano lessons when you were younger (I am learning to stop blaming my parents for not insisting I had piano lessons while I was younger. There is really nothing stopping me from learning now).  Taking responsibilities for your life and actions enables you see what is wrong and think of how to work on it with a clear head.

MAN UP Loves. Stay awesome :*


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