Move! I am a big man.

Hello guys! How are you all doing? I was looking through my badly injured blackberry phone and I found some old articles. Since we are in the spirit of upcoming elections in Nigeria, I am going to share this one. Enjoy reading my rant and if you are voting, please try not to vote a big man that will step on your toes. Gracias :*

“Eysss! Move those people. Whip some of them that won’t move. And use the cars to step on the toes of those that feel they can question authority. Step on them just to teach them a lesson. I am too important to mix with these commoners” and those referred to as ‘eysss’ by Mayowa, Governor of awesomeness state run to do as I asked. What choice do they have? They don’t want their ass sacked, now do they?

That’s how I sometimes feel when I see how people are treated by authority figures and those that are in top positions. They start feeling ‘overly’ big and they act like they are high there and the rests are rodents that should be stepped on. But that’s not even what my issue is.

Nigeria is a beautiful country, no really she is beautiful. You can scrunch up your nose all you want but other people outside are appreciating her beauty, the beauty even I think we have lost. I was chatting with an acquaintance from Northern Ireland and she mentioned Nigeria is one of the places to visit on her bucket list because of how truly beautiful she is. I told her she is welcome and not to worry, the immigration officers won’t waste her time, and those at the airport won’t harass her by asking for money because she doesn’t have the same skin colour as them and she speaks differently. It’s only us, their fellow country men that would be subjected to that.

Okay, I didn’t tell her that. So I won’t use my big mouth to spoil my beautiful country. I only told her Nigeria is truly beautiful and she will enjoy staying here for a while. Like any other country, Nigeria, the supposed giant of Africa has issues and Kelly Clarkson’s song, dark side is coming to my mind now… ‘Everybody has a dark side. Do you love me? Can you love mine? Nobody is a picture perfect…”, that’s where I start chewing my mouth. But really, even New york with all its lights has a dark side. I don’t mind that we have a dark side but I’m angry.

Imagine me, us, all of us sane or insane people on the road for some minutes just because his excellency or her excellency wanted to pass. The whole road should be blocked because Jesus is coming down from heaven abi?! It’s so annoying and I guess I should be used to it, you should be used to it because its a normal thing in Nigeria but this normal thing is annoying. I don’t even understand why about 10 very expensive cars will accompany a governor or maybe his child just because he wants to leave his house. Yet, when you go to the Governor’s state, you wonder if you are in the bush or in a civilised state. The roads are so terrible, there is no light, no water and many things are not right. I know you can never fully satisfy people and even when you are acting, they will say you are not. We Nigerians also have issues. We fight the government so hard when we should support them, but how won’t you be fought when you use your cars to step on people’s toes just because you are a ‘big man’?

Now, you have bought cars while your people are starving.Good for you but must you now use those cars to frustrate others that are going on the road? It’s very annoying and the more annoying thing is, they will cause stupid traffic, oppress people and not follow laws. I know protocol is important especially when you have plenty people that want to throw sand in your face for starving them but your protocol, SSS and the other bullies you carry shouldn’t stop your people from reaching you and they should never make you spit in your people’s faces. I can’t just understand why the meaning of leadership has been overturned in Nigeria and Africa and infact the world as a whole. Are leaders not supposed to live by examples?

I don’t even understand why we lay so much emphasis on ‘bigness’. It’s madness. Because you are the governor or governor’s wife, you must dress as if… I don’t even know what to say. I can remember once when the Mayor of Manchester came to my school, this woman was dressed in such a simple way. Simple, sophisticated and nice. The teachers were not sucking up to her or acting like she was God and I couldn’t help but shake my head. The governor of your state go come to your school,you no go give thanksgiving abi you no go tell your students to behave well even bribing them with extra marks if they do. Yes, it’s good that we place importance on our leaders but when its killing us and impeding on the progress of this beautiful country, don’t we need to take a step back and examine our ways? Like seriously, you were elected by the people to be for the people, why the hell would you oppress us instead of help us?

We are a democratic country yet the way we behave most times conotes a military rulling. I was reading Ofili’s blog (that guy is a ninja boss) and in one of his articles, he expressed his anger after he watched an interview that some journalists had with GEJ. In that interview, these journalists didn’t question anything “oga at the top’ said and they just digested it like that. But can you blame them? If they decided to be smart and be true journalists, they might have been sacked for standing up to the president. Same way we have been taught to keep quiet and not oppose what is being said and done by an authority figure even when the person is clearly wrong.

Such makes me wonder why we are a democratic country in the first place. It reminds me of when David Cameroon, prime minister of UK took an underground tube in London with the mayor of London, I think. I don’t even care if that was some political stunt. All I care about is how this man brought himself down to the level of the common man. It’s sad that we hardly have leaders here that do that. Some only do that when they need us to queue under the sun and rain to vote for them. For all you big men out there, stop acting superior. You are only flying on the wings of grace so please try not to step on our toes with your designer shoes and try not to cause unnecessary traffic just because you want to move from your room to your toilet. And Biko, Nigerians, I’m begging you, stop being sycophants and just be yourself. Do your job well, give your best so you won’t have to be acting when your “oga at the top” comes. And really, it’s high time we stop teaching people to keep quiet or mute their voices when things are clearly not right. What’s the point of having freedom if you are not free to oppose what’s wrong and not working? Just oppose peacefully and with a good enough reason. Keeping quiet doesn’t make us good people. It makes us weak cowards and this beautiful nation doesn’t have weak cowards.

Vote well. Don’t think about only today’s bread, think about tomorrow’s own as well. Have a good weekend!

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  • frances
    March 11, 2015

    I can feel your anger and your being tired about the system here.
    I’m tired of it too.
    But it also starts with us.
    What do we call our blocking roads all in the name of parties? And no one can talk to us or correct us?
    Most average Nigerian have the silly bigness in themselves.
    “Do you know who I am” trails everywhere, even in danfo buses.
    We all need to get it right.

    And yes, Ofili? That man Is a real youth.
    We need more people who are down to earth and not afraid to speak out.

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