My beautiful gifts!

I am not a soaked vegetable, I swear I am not

But I am about to sound like one.

While sitting on your floor, I was smiling.

I was and I am at peace.

Peace has been permeating my whole system since I stepped foot here.

It’s funny how seeing you guys wasn’t part of the plan,

But somehow it became a plan, an unsure plan it was

Until I packed my suitcase and made my way down to you.

You both did the normal thing you so crazily do,

You left me to get a cab down while making me burst into laughter in the cab

Because you won’t stop shouting at me for taking a black cab,

Those people are ‘ole’s’, you complained.

Then joy and laughter!Eye Color Studio3

My heart felt joy and my body felt peace.

My gifts were right there staring at me and telling me,

My body has gone through metamorphosis in a good way.

I am not an emotional person.

I am an emotionally strong person but with you,

And all the other gifts I call friends that make life beautiful,

I am vulnerable and emotionally weak and I don’t care.

I used to fight it but I stopped because I feel peace.

I feel love!

I feel warmth and it emanates from the little, meaningless conversations

From the deep ones like you saying, ‘we can never be ready. So it is better to start because we will indeed never be ready.’

From the late night talks with you listening so intently,

With you asking me for advice and showing me you believe in me with your eyes.

From the late night calls though you are only some windows away.

It has been a blast!

It has been inspiring seeing how you have grown.

It has been amazing having you as one of the precious gifts journeying along with me.

For the dances, I say thank you.

For the words, I say thank you.

For the laughter, I say thank you.

For the nice cupcakes, I say thank you.

For the poisonous food you fed me, I say thank you

For making me get back in touch with my inner ‘jenifa’, I say thank you.

For not letting visa change you in a way you become too posh for your own, I say thank you.

For talking to ‘Ukwa’ after he fell our hand, Derin and I refuse to forgive you

For the journey you might soon embark on my tender-hearted Derin, I say goodluck.

My gifts, my friends that have become like family, it’s always nice to know I have a home in Liverpool that I can always run to.

My Boolinton

My Boolinton

My pie pie is 20!!!!! Hurray!!!!!

Happy birthday Abimbola, my beautiful cousin who is going on the struggle to be on fleek with me. May everything good come to you this year. Derin and I cannot wait to be generously fed.20141101_215701

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