My M.B.A Experience.

Hello beautiful people!!! I hope you had a good enough weekend and you will somehow muster up the excitement to start the week.

I know some incredible people and one of them is Aunty Ibukun. I have known her for quite some time now and I can  say she really has a good heart. For this reason and more, I have asked her to share some words with us for OUR STORIES. Truthfully, I got encouraged while reading this, especially with deadlines for submission of courseworks and also exams drawing close. It can get so overwhelming sometimes, but it’s good to know we can indeed do all things through Christ that strengthens us. So sit back and spend the next 10 or 15 mins reading this piece. Kindly share as well. We are meant to be building a network of encouragement.


Hello there, my name is Ibukun Mochiah. When Mayowa told me about this series, I thought about what I wanted to share and I couldn’t get past sharing this. I hope by the time you’re through reading this you would be challenged and charged to overcome any situation you’re in.

I got admitted to study for my MBA in the UK early 2011. I was coming from a pure science background and was going into an entirely new field. There were several thoughts that crossed my mind as I got my admission letter. Would I succeed? Would I understand what is being taught? How would I cope? I didn’t let all these deter me. Rather, I set my mind to not just finishing the program but finishing with a distinction. Tall dream right? Exactly!

From Day one, I took my studying very seriously. I attended classes, listened attentively in class, took notes and most importantly did a lot of research in my spare time. Like I wrote earlier, I was pretty new to a lot of things and I needed to make extra efforts to adjust. One of the major courses in the program was accounting. The last time I did anything remotely similar was in my third year of Junior Secondary School i.e. JSS 3! Surprisingly, I latched on so well that I ended up taking my classmates on for extra tutorials! I even got distinctions in my accounting courses.

About 6 months into the program, I took up a part-time job at a store outside the city. It took me over 2 hours from my house to get to work. I used to work for about 4 hours on a week day and all day on Saturday. This meant the only day I had to really study was totally taken away by my job. I had to leave my house around 5.30am to get to work by 8am, and leave work around 5pm to get home finally around 9pm. It was pretty hectic, as I was always tired especially because I had started during winter. So just imagine the pain of having to wake up as early as 4.30am to get ready for work every Saturday. Thankfully, I managed and coped pretty well. This went on for over 3 months till I got transferred to another branch within the city and closer to my house. Unfortunately, this didn’t reduce the stress as the new branch wasn’t as flexible as the old one. I was required to do shorter hours spread across the days of week including Saturday. All these ate into my ‘me’ time for study, but I pulled through.

I tried to live a balanced life as well. I’m a devoted Christian who doesn’t take fellowship with other believers for granted. I didn’t allow my MBA program disturb me from going to church or being an active church volunteer/worker. I joined the church choir and attended literally every church meeting that was called. Despite all these ‘distractions’ (as some would call them), I managed to study effectively and maximally. I took each day at a time and covered as much as I could.

Fast-forward to writing my final MBA project, I needed twice the time I had available to finish up within the deadline. I chose to do a ‘case-study’ project as against the usual academic dissertation. A case-study project meant I was to act as a consultant to a real-life company, do a thorough evaluation and give sound recommendations to solve their problems. The case-study doesn’t present you with questions or remotely tells you what to do; you have to figure everything out yourself. I spent a lot of time researching, reading, studying and of course praying to do things right. The project carried the highest points in all the courses and I needed to get at least a distinction in it so as to finish up with a distinction. Luckily, I had an amazing supervisor who was of help in ensuring I did justice to my work. I encountered a lot of problems particularly in getting certain data and information from the company itself. I didn’t let this disturb or deter me; I kept doing my best and did all I could to get what I wanted. I registered at an external library, one of the biggest libraries in the UK. I made it my best friend and would literally be there till they closed! I did this at every spare time I got. Of course, I took time out to relax and chill from time to time, but I ensured I maximised every other minute I had.

The wisdom it took to execute my project from start to finish could only have been God because I did so much work that my supervisor was extremely impressed. Even I often look back and can’t believe I did all I did. I learnt to do things I could never have dreamt of doing on the computer. God also used her to further guide me to make my work ‘perfect’. When I was eventually through and was about to submit, I remember how my classmates were shocked and amazed by what I had churned out. They just couldn’t believe I turned a mere case-study project into something as detailed and professional as I did. Of course, by the time the results came out, I got my distinction! Yaayyy!! This eventually helped to boost up my grades so as to graduate with an overall distinction i.e. MBA with distinction. To say I was excited and grateful is an understatement. I felt that sense of achievement and fulfilment for the first time after a long time. I came, I saw and I conquered!

What exactly are you struggling with? What fears and doubts are you harbouring that keeps you from forging ahead? I want to let you know that it’s not worth it. Overcome your fear by taking the first step in the right direction. Focus on the right things and choose your priorities wisely. With great determination, hardwork, and of course God on your side, you would definitely see the desires of your heart. Stay blessed!

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    March 21, 2016

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    Congrats Aunty Ibukun, thanks for inspiring us with your story!

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