My shattered life: A life of a trafficked girl

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Meet Tabitha…

Tabitha is a 19 year old young woman, who was trafficked to Italy to live with her Uncle Joe.

Tabitha’s father died when she was in Primary School. Her mother, herself and her siblings were supported by their mother’s relatives and the only relative of their father that supported them was Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe sent money from Italy on a regular basis and he contacted Tabitha’s mother to ask after the children’s welfare, he also offered emotional support to Tabitha’s mum.

You may be wondering why Tabitha’s family were not supported by Social Welfare. Social Welfare system does not function effectively in Nigeria, the country where Tabitha and her family originated from. Majority of families depend on relatives support.

Back to the main concern of Tabitha’s true account.

When Tabitha finished secondary school at the age of 15, Uncle Joe visited Nigeria and he persuaded Tabitha’s mother that life would be better for Tabitha in Italy as she would have access to free and good quality college and university education. Tabitha’s mother thought carefully about it and thereafter she agreed to allow Tabitha travel with Uncle Joe as she felt Tabitha will remove them from poverty when she becomes affluent.

When Tabitha arrived in Italy with Uncle Joe, she lived with him in a studio apartment and she started to notice that when she took her bath, Uncle Joe snuck through the transparent bathroom door to peep. Tabitha thought it was just her imagination and so she decided not to share her concerns with anyone.

Tabitha eventually noticed that, when she slept or feigned sleep, her Uncle would come to her and begin to inappropriately massage her arms and legs; Tabitha still did not say anything to anyone about this. She nearly reported to her friend at the university but she just couldn’t get herself to say it as she was in a state of confusion about the unfolding events. One remarkable thing was that Tabitha’s Uncle used to spoil her with everything that she’d ever want. It was as though he was trying to pay her for a favour.

From peeping through the bathroom door to massaging her when she slept, Tabitha’s Uncle eventually raped her, he performed different sexual acts with Tabitha and he also used different equipment to perform his sexual acts on Tabitha. He taught Tabitha different sexual acts and Tabitha eventually became an “expert” in carrying out these acts.

Tabitha satisfied her Uncle’s sexual desires about 5 times a day and she started enjoying the acts. She even initiated sex with her Uncle. When her Uncle noticed that she had become a sex expert, he advised her that she could begin earning money through sleeping with people and he would be her boss who would manage her “clients” and the money she made.

Uncle Joe sorted out Tabitha’s clients for her every night; Tabitha slept with minimum of 5 men on a daily basis.
When she rang her mother in Nigeria, she never disclosed anything to her mother neither did Uncle Joe disclose anything to the mum.

Tabitha engaged in these promiscuous acts for 3 years but on her 18th birthday, she requested for her Uncle to allow her to go to Nigeria as she wanted to celebrate being 18 with her family. Her uncle agreed, however, he decided to follow her to Nigeria as he wanted to closely monitor her so wouldn’t disclose to her mother the happenings in Italy.

Upon their arrival in Nigeria, Tabitha still did not disclose anything to her mother. Nevertheless, on a sunny afternoon, Tabitha went to visit her childhood friend Shade. Shade had a vision about Tabitha, God revealed everything that was happening to Tabitha to Shade.

When Shade spoke to Tabitha about it, she wept bitterly as she couldn’t deny it. Shade and Tabitha prayed a repentant prayer to God and they spoke to Tabitha’s mother about it, who became extremely distressed about what her daughter had gone through. She reported it to the Police. Uncle Joe was arrested and remanded in custody of the Police. However, within a week of being arrested, Tabitha and her family heard that Uncle Joe had returned to Italy. Thereafter, he stopped sending them money.

Tabitha’s mother reported Uncle Joe to his relatives but nobody believed her. She also went to complain to the Police about his early release but was told that he was released on bail as his lawyer filed for it.

Tabitha has received support from a Sexual abuse and trafficking agency for the last 10 months, she is now free of shame and condemnation. She no longer blames herself or her mother about the incident.

Tabitha is educating young women on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse; she is also educating parents as well.

About the author: Myss Lafunky is a pen name. She is a Born Again Christian who enjoys ‘feeding her mind’ in line with Philippians 4:8. She dedicates her time to blogging, knowing more about Jesus, praying for herself and for others, and helping the Less Privileged. Her professional career is linked to helping the Less Privileged in society. Her passion is to make positive impacts with people that she meets or comes across. She is a regular guest on a radio show called: ‘Before I Do’ on Hephzizah radio. She is trained in counselling- counselling children, Young People and adults. She lives in England and she has a professional experience of working with adults that have experienced any forms of sexual abuse and you can contact her via email( YOU SHOULD TOTALLY CHECK HER BLOG. IT WILL BE WORTH YOUR TIME.  
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  • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
    October 11, 2014

    Her story is quite painful but also a true reflection of what goes on here in Nigeria. It is quite sad how family members can be selfish and inhumane enough to subject their young relations to abuse all in the name of ‘helping’.

    It is really good that Tabitha was able to get back her life with God’s help and she is not letting her experience destroy her, but is rather using it to help people.

    Good story and thank you for participating Myss Lafunky.

  • Myss Lafunky
    October 11, 2014

    Thank you for the opportunity.

    I recognise that sexual abuse is not easy to disclose, however, for healing, for closure, for freedom, and to stop the cycle of the abuse from re-occuring, it is better to speak out. A lot of people are now having a better understanding, you will not be blamed or condemned but rather you will be supported. Why not speak out and save yourself or other people from the perpetrator.
    Let’s be on the journey and stop the war on women.

  • frances
    October 14, 2014

    It is indeed not easy to share personal stories of abuse but I pray that our voices go out through this column,lives will find strength to be set free from this. Scourge..

  • Longchamp Pas cher
    November 6, 2014

    My shattered life: A life of a trafficked girl
    Longchamp Pas cher

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