My Story by Dorothy Tettey.

Today is not just a holiday, as many of us might be tempted to see it. Good Friday is a reminder of the great sacrifice Jesus made on the cross, and we should constantly remember that great sacrifice. I hope you are having a good Friday indeed. May we keep looking and working in the love of God.

There are not many people that call me ‘mummy’. lol! But I am privileged to be called Mummy by my beautiful Dorothy, a young lady whose heart for God and people inspires me. Having Dorothy in my life has been one of the greatest gifts I have gotten from being at the University of Kent. Ecclesia family is blessed to have you baby girl!  She has decided to share her story with us today. Kindly read and bless others, because I know you will be blessed by reading this. 



I don’t even know how to start this, but I guess telling you my name is as good a start as I’m going to get, otherwise I may never get to writing about anything. Sorry, I’m a person who likes to ramble when I get nervous but here goes… my name is Dorothy and this is my story.

I have probably gone through a lot more than the average person, but what I really want to share, is the story that really shaped me into who I am now. From the age of 7 till about 18 I endured some heavy bullying, mainly because of the way I looked and the mere fact that I apparently seemed like the easy victim. I was called every name under the sun and was made to feel very isolated, even my so called friends used me as the ‘duff’ (for those who haven’t seen the movie I suggest you watch it).

I have always had a certain respect for those in authority, probably because of my strict upbringing, but my efforts to gain the favor of my teachers was taken negatively by my peers, leading to increased physical and emotional abuse. During, this time I had always been in church, but having a relationship with God was never on my agenda or something that I was remotely interested in, church to me was just another chore to tick off the list of things my parents expected. In fact, I could even go as far as to say that I absolutely despised church, everyone was so happy whilst I was secretly dying inside, I’m not a person to express pain, I prefer to deal with it by myself and this is something God has really helped me to change and for that alone I am eternally grateful. Simply because, I have learnt to embrace people who genuinely care about me and want to help me both in my physical and spiritual life.


The beginning of my Christian walk:

I am actually not that big of a writer, but here and there I learnt to jot things down because I didn’t really have people to talk to and it helped me deal with everything that I was going through. Therefore, if you’re beginning to see where I’m coming from and you are going through some difficult times, I encourage you with all my heart to begin writing, even though it may seem like nothing now, it may actually come in handy one day as testimony for your future self.

To make a long story short, I decided to leave my parents church at the age of 15 and find my own, it wasn’t until  I made that conscious decision that I really began to experience God for myself. Soon I was involved in so many things in church; dance, bible study group leader, choir, drama and the tech team in church. Through, involving myself in these different ministries, I met many people who became my good friends. However, at a point it was becoming a bit too much and I was struggling to balance both the pressure of school and church and so I started to slide back a bit. At this point even though I was still in church I was hanging out with the wrong crowd IN CHURCH! I realized that there are all sorts of people in church and not everyone is there for the right reasons, my eyes were opened to a whole new world, one that I had never been aware of previously, both emotionally and sexually. The bullying at school had died down a little in terms of the name calling, but there was a dissatisfying increase of sexual abuse going around and everyday I would be tormented by boys touching me inappropriately, other girls enjoyed it and it seemed that this was the norm and so I never challenged them for fear of being ridiculed again.

As a young Christian, there was a lot to learn and I felt as though I didn’t really have a role model to show me which way to go which left me quite distressed, this was probably my own fault as I learnt to become more comfortable isolating myself. So young Christians, please find someone you can trust as a leader and attach yourselves to them, seek advice and make sure that you learn as much as possible about having a relationship with God, this is all you need to survive this life.

Taking action:

It wasn’t until I made my first real friend in school that my relationship with God really began to grow. The strange thing was he used to be one of my bullies but now he is like the brother I never had, I thank God for his life each and every day. When I learned that he too was a Christian we began to share ideas of the bible and talk about our churches, I invited him to my bussel one time, – which is basically a small bible study group in a house – surprisingly he moved to my church and I finally began to move away from the wrong people and find a new passion for God.

Together we started a Christian union in school and to my complete and utter surprise, I mean I wish you could see my face when I saw the turnout. A lot of people I never would have thought would come, came just to hear the word of God, all the people who had hurt me or treated me negatively were all now listening to me share a few new things I had learned from my quiet time. Just another word of encouragement, everyone can be a preacher, just share what you have gained from having a relationship with God and why you love him, from a small scripture you can gain a life changing revelation and I have experienced this on many counts. Believe in yourself and in the word in your heart, let God guide you and don’t let fear take a hold. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). By the end of the year we had over 50 people coming to our meetings, all glory to God!

My advice:

I really wish I could have gone into more detail than I did, but if I had we would be here all day, maybe one day ill write my story in full. But from my life experiences I have learnt that God uses anyone and we have to trust that no matter our story or our background God can still use us. I’m a person who isn’t really taken seriously but if I can have an impact on over 50 school kids (all whom gave their lives to Christ) who had no respect for me whatsoever, you can surely have an impact on anyone. No matter how great or minor an impact, every soul is a soul to Christ and all the heavens will rejoice by all means. Share your testimony with someone and you will see what I mean, also never let hurt stop you from preaching to someone. Christ himself was condemned so by all means you will be too but continue and you will reap a hundredfold of blessings. Looking forward to sharing more of my story with you some other time. If you haven’t received anything at all, or if this was too long to take in, I ask that you keep up the fight and continue to seek Gods face above all, for its my dream to see young people reaching out to all generations, both young and old. We are the generation to bring forth revival!


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