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Happy New Month loves. May the month of April be kind to us.

Our Stories series has been a blessing to me. It really has. I have learnt from the writers and there are still more to learn from the few writers left. We have France’s Okoro speaking to us through her words in the house today. She has a really kind soul and her blog has been a personal source of blessing to me. I kid you not when I tell you this young lady is a voice in our generation. I am not going to talk much. I am just going to allow you be inspired by the God in her.


The first time God told me “10 Steps To Walking In Purpose” (my first hard copy book) was a book, I balked and said NO, NO, NO, NO, NO as many times as I could make my lips work around the word NO.
You would think that the repeated no(s) would let God leave me alone as the small girl who was content to just string a few words here and there on her blog…but when He says that it’s time to move forward, He means business.

I believe that my flesh already saw the WORK ahead of me and that was the reason for my outright refusal to dabble into the waters of becoming a published author.

As at that time, I even only had faith that the book would be an eBook and thinking about this now, I think Daddy played a fast one to me and just worked in me little by little to the point where I was totally immersed in the dream He had given me and was willing to blaze through obstacles to bring it to life.

Thinking about my book process makes me smile now but I vividly remember countless times when I cried, gasping for air because I couldn’t breathe, begging for release from the grips of fear holding unto me.

I remember days of getting “no” from a lot of the persons that were invited for the book launch/seminar on purpose in Ekiti State.
I remember days of sitting under a tree as I tried to blog, with tears rolling down my cheek as I spoke to God about needing encouragement on the path He wanted me to tread.

And then I remember crying as God told me my book wasn’t complete; I was supposed to share the fact that I had committed two abortions when I didn’t know Christ. It was a crucial part of my walk in purpose and God wasn’t going to let it go till I bared it all in the book.
I remember being drilled by God so deeply till I indeed had nothing but His Word holding me up.

The days of literally holding unto scriptures like “for God has not given me the Spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind”.
I remember days of trekking for long minutes just to get home after a long day of inviting guests for my book launch…
It was HARD…
Oh it was hard.
But it was and still is one of the most rewarding journeys that I have ever embarked on.

The one thing that kept me going was that I had God on my side and He kept reassuring me that “I am with you”.

On the morning of my book launch, I opened the pack where my books were and burst into tears because I could see all the things that weren’t done right.

I didn’t like the structure of the book; I didn’t like the layout, the settings… I didn’t like a lot of things.
I hugged my friend who came from Kogi State for the book launch and I cried… hot tears with shoulders shaking and all the intermittent gasp coming from deep within me.
And she simply held me and uttered no words as I cried.
She was one of the many helpers God sent to me on my journey… and so we must realize that God never leaves us stranded.
There is always someone He would put on our path as our divine helper.

I would not do anything differently if I was to go back in time.
My reliance in God raced to power 20000000000 (how many zeroes were that? Add some more please) through my book journey.
God taught me His own thoughts about every call He places on our life.

He doesn’t need us to draw in crowds… He simply needs us to draw in the lives that He specifically wants us to draw into Him through us.
And then I learned through the book launch of how happy God and the cloud of witnesses were to see me going forward in my path of purpose.

I could literally hear the conversations they had about me in my head.
I could hear the angels ask God “is today the book launch? Oh Lord, another of your daughter is doing it again, she is stepping into another phase of what you have purposed for her to do”.
I could see Jesus being my first guest at the book launch like He told me He would be.
He told me that no matter what happens, they were the first persons in the audience… the Word of God turned real in my life.. so real that I could live in it and disregard physical circumstances.

My faith took an overdrive… so much so I know satan was mad at what was happening. Lol
I invited guests for my book launch when I didn’t know where the money would come from to print the books.
I wasn’t one of those who God gave ready cash for His work in me… He required me to appropriate it by faith.

I remember days of working on the book and speaking words of thanksgiving for money I had gotten to print my book in faith.
I would walk on my street and thank God in joy for physical cash I had not yet gotten… and when the physical cash came, it awed even me.
I had the 20 sponsored copies I wanted to gift to some students as part of my work in Schools… I had people I have never met physically sowing into the work of God in my hands and I couldn’t help but break down in tears in the office as calls and BBM pings and Facebook messages came in with ‘it was laid in my heart to sow this into your work…”

How great could one book journey get?

I was simply a little girl as I sometimes like to call myself, minding my business as a youth corper in the State that God had called me into… and then from the blue He drops an idea for a book into my heart, furnished the provision for it, brought helpers my way and increased me spiritually all with one stone.
It wasn’t an idea that dropped out of the blue though… it was imply time for me to step into that part of my purpose in God and I remain grateful to be chosen by God for a work so amazing as to write a book.

Yes I had to push…
I had to cry…
I had to pray like a mad woman some nights…
I had to lay up at nights, editing the book and speaking words of faith over it..

I had a role to play in my book journey but even through all that, I realize that it was God working in me through it all.

And when the book launch was all over, I was prompted by the Spirit to lay my hands on my books, give thanks like Jesus did before He fed the 5000 and speak into this little seed to multiply.
That one book was my “two loaves of bread and five fishes” but it was enough for God to use it to do what He wanted to do in my life and in the life of everyone who needs it.

It’s been five months since I released my book in October 2015 and I can’t start recounting stories of God blowing me away with my Pastor holding a book launch for me again in Lagos… People just calling in out of the blue to get copies of my book or lives just being transformed by the words in it.
Doors are still opening even now and I say that both in faith and belief in God who is working even now to multiply my two loaves of bread and five fishes.
Even more doors will open to spread His word on purpose to millions of lives through the book.. His book… my book.

The one thing I would tell any aspiring author is TO GO FOR IT.
If God has given you an idea on a book, don’t let it die.
Don’t let discouragements even before you start put you down.
Don’t even let fear of “how will I get the money” put you down.
Look at me, a little girl who had no dime in her pocket bringing a whispered idea in her heart to life… all because of God in her.
If you have got God, then you have everything you need to thrive in the journey to publishing He has called you to do.
Go all out in faith…
Go all out in His Word… His Word never fails.

PS: I’m currently working on my third book “Making A Difference With Your NYSC Year”.
Another faith walk? You bet.
Another #push to bring to reality what God has given me?
You bet!
But i’m not stopping midway…
I must do what our Father has said I should do with my gift of writing.
You should do the same too.

Bio: Frances Okoro is a lawyer by profession and a writer and Christian blogger by calling. She has a heart for young girls and youths generally and runs “Awakening Youths”, an organization for awakening youths to God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

She is the author of two books…
You should absolutely download her FREE e-book “Chastity for Men” (with an exclusive chapter for the ladies) HERE

And purchase her new book “10 Steps to Walking in Purpose” HERE

On Okadabooks here (link:

And visit her blog at for more life-changing words from her.

  • Mobolaji
    April 3, 2016

    Love love love it!

    Glad to have read all books and I can testify that God blessed me through them o!

    • Frances Okoro
      April 4, 2016

      Thank you B!
      This article is one I sure would be reading time after time..tis good to remember…

      God bless you Mayowa for the opportunity to share…

      Ps: is it five loaves and two fishes or two loaves and five fishes?
      Hmm, I think I got it wrong in the article but sha our Bible students understand. *winks*

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