My thoughts on the train.

I want to say a very big thank you to everyone that read my last post and shared it on different mediums. Thank you for the many congratulations and encouraging messages that were sent to me. It means more than you will ever know. I am truly blessed for having such a great online family. May the joy of the season be your portion. I am still going to give you more information about the book, but please keep tweeting about the book. Keep using it as your dp and keep sharing it on Facebook and other social media’s. Your labour of love will not be forgotten.

I wrote the ‘poem’ you are about to read while travelling from Manchester to Canterbury. It was a a rather long journey, so I decided to make use of my iPad. I know I am meant to be posting a bible study, but please bear with me. I don’t want to carry this poem to next year. Have a Merry Christmas in advance. I truly love you all.


You sit on the train and look out the window.
You see the snow on some roofs and you see the ones that have melted
You see the vast amount of trees and you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of nature
You appreciate the beauty of nature a lot when you are on the train
And you can’t help but marvel when the different colours starts clouding the sky
You listen to Miley Cyrus’s song and wonder what happened to her, you used to really like her
But she has grown and you have outgrown her

You think about the conversation you just had
You think about your life
You wonder if you could go back in time to change something’s
But you know the past is gone
All you have is now and the future
You think of the many times you have missed your train
You are proud of yourself for getting to the train station this time
Right before time
Then you think about life again
You think about how the train have left many people
And how many are still on the train that brings them sadnes
You hope you don’t get on that kind of train
You also hope you don’t miss the train that
will bring you joy and a deep sense of satisfaction

You remember how you once got down at a wrong stop
And you had to buy another ticket
You hope you don’t get down from the right train
Before you achieve that goal
Because you know you would
Pay for not holding on
For not being patient enough
To stay on the train till you
Got to your destination
You hope you don’t sleep off on the train
You hope you don’t fall asleep and not enjoy the beauty of life
Of love and living
You hope you enjoy the journey of life
You hope you make an impact in life

You feel hungry but they are not serving food on the train
You have to wait till you get to London before you can eat
You hope you will be hungry for the right things in life
You hope you will be hungry enough to be a voice for those without one
And you hope when you are hungry,
You won’t wait for things to be perfect
You won’t wait for the right time
You will start right away

You leave the train, on to the next one
To continue your journey
You hope that’s how you keep moving in life
Even with your heavy luggage, you keep moving
And when it’s time to use the stairs
Someone offers to help you carry your suitcase
You say thank you
And allow him
You hope that’s how you will
Meet helpers on your journey in life
Helpers that will help you before you get tired

Two different guys at different times
Try to woo you and get your number
You smile and shake your head
Typical guy behaviour
You see familiar faces while
Waiting for your next train
You know that’s how life is

The world is too small
For you not to meet people you
Never thought you would meet
You see an acquaintance
You both get on the train and talk for a while
You smile and laugh despite
The fact that your bowels
Are in need of a toilet
You hope that’s how you will
Smile and laugh in life
No matter what
Through the good and the bad

The train is moving
It s taking you to your final destination
But you know you will pass this same route another day
Same way you hope you never stop
Going after your dreams
Whether you pass the same route
Or a different one
You pray you never stop moving.



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