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Life teaches all of us lessons. These lessons vary from person to person, based on our experiences which is then dependent on our personality type, our predominant support system and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This does not invalidate the fact that we are somehow connected. I might not be directly connected to you, but we have those experiences that connect us, after all, we all live on earth.

Fear is a common factor (if I can call it that). Some people probably think that fear is alien to them, but that’s a lie. Most of us are susceptible to different forms of fear, the difference is how you perceive fear, how it affects you and what you do about it. Fear rides us a lot. It can be the fear of failure that makes us strive to work harder or in some cases, a cause of mental paralysis. It can also be the fear of not getting a good job or good grades that makes us become more fervent in prayers and study more or just give up. It could even be the fear of people not appreciating our gifts and talents enough or outright rejection of our art or products.

Those are some of the worst types of fear. The fear that makes us question if we mean something to people and if what we do really matters. It is often one of the tough ones to beat and it is one of the major ones that makes us to retreat further into our shell. It acts as an inhibitor to the great things we have to offer. This type of fear makes one stagnant, you don’t move foward because you’re scared to take steps.

Are we crazy to be afraid? Definitely not. But we will be crazy to let fear stop us.

The funny thing is we so easily forget that we are not alone. That someone else has probably felt the way we felt or are feeling. We easily forget that most of the people we admire for taking bold steps, putting out their songs to be heard, allowing their art be seen, felt and experienced weren’t overdosing on confidence. YES!!! So many do it scared. But they still go ahead and do it anyway and that’s what separates them from the people that are scared and have doubts and limited opportunities and do absolutely nothing.

I am bringing people whose stories you will see makes us connected. This series titled ‘OUR STORIES’ is about the stories of people who do it scared. People who kill fear fast with faith. People, who have doubts and cry, but still go ahead. People who see that there is no feat they can’t achieve. People, who set goals and work towards actualizing those goals.

Their stories are there to encourage us. They are there to tell us our dreams matter, as do we. They are there to tell us how they did it. They are there to tell us you have all it takes.

You will be reading a story every Friday, each week, starting from tomorrow from inspiring people that will be real with you, basically to build a network of encouragement for us. I am very excited about this series because I know I have a lot to learn. I definitely do as I delayed the publication of my E- book because I was still too scared. But it’s released now (It’s your life to lead) and that’s it. I have done it scared.

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Thank you. Hope to see you here tomorrow.

Have a great day.

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  • Frances Okoro
    February 18, 2016

    I’m excited about this too Mayowa!
    Really excited! Thanks for yielding and being the connector of these
    Will be back here tomorrow, friday.

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