I  usually say my friend with the beautiful mind when I’m referring to Toyole! Well, she indeed has a beautiful, beautiful mind and my darling is right on that track we prayed for, but she is not the only friend I have with a beautiful mind.  I have a few others. When I use the word ‘BEAUTIFUL’, it has a deeper meaning than you might think and although I’m not exactly likening ‘A beautiful mind’ to the mind of John Nash in ‘A beautiful mind’, I’m close.

The girl with a beautiful mind!

I sent the image above to Dhuppy, my friend with a beautiful mind that once said, ‘I CHOOSE TO BE CARELESS IN HIS CARE’, a slogan I have come to steal. She wrote this article below that I really enjoyed reading. I know, without doubt that you will enjoy reading it too. After reading, be kind enough to share and leave a comment. Thank you and have a day that will be worth smiling about.


NIRVANA! No. Not the grunge rock band of the 90’s that gave us “Smells like Teen Spirit” (Although they were Ah-mazing). The state of mind – the peace, the simplicity, the wholeness! In Buddhism and Hinduism, Nirvana is a complete state of peacefulness and harmony. It is a goal at the core of these religions. It is associated with the attainment of enlightenment and freeing of the spiritual self from attachment to worldly things, ending the cycle of birth and rebirth. Nirvana is seen as a state of mind that is free from negative mental states, peaceful, happy and non-reactive. Basically when you let go of all your ties to materialism and consequently baseless fears, your mind can truly be at rest. At rest like the two little girls playing in that picture.

The term Nirvana has now found its way into common usage. In our everyday lives, it is defined as a completely enjoyable experience, that is, an ultimate experience of some pleasurable emotion such as harmony or joy. This is an all-encompassing definition, but it has its roots in being wholly peaceful and content. For some, sex is their nirvana. For others, it is food. Yet another group will find it in dancing, singing, or even reading. However not all people find it; a considerable amount of people are not even aware such a state of mind exists, and some of those who find it might not even realize what they have unlocked.

The girls in that photograph are peaceful, happy. Even if it was just for the second that this picture was taken. They are young, innocent and without responsibility. They are at peace with themselves and the world. They have not been swept aside by the tides of life. They are not worried about tomorrow. They just want to skip and hop with each other for that moment. They aren’t thinking “What if a snake crawls out of these bushes?” or “What if we get lost?” They aren’t concerned about whether they look fat in those dresses or how their hairdos will end up after running through the bushes. They are in that moment free and blissful; Nirvana!

In assessing this picture I began to compare myself to these girls. Would any of my friends and I suddenly get up and start moving through bushes? Err If a man with a gun was chasing us, Of course! Other than that, definitely not!

One, I am in the middle of tests at school. Nothing would make me in my right senses leave my huge pile of books and start gallivanting.

Two, if you observe the picture properly, they are playing in the afternoon; as in the sun is shining, as in sunburns are real. I am struggling to maintain my position on Team Lightskin. No, thank you.

Three, I really hate how Grass feels on my skin and it becomes itchy and red and some Insects use that chance to feed on you and all that jazz.

Four, if i was now that jobless to go forest-hopping, which of my friends would leave their lives and work and come join me?

When I was younger, I would have found so much joy and ecstasy in doing the exact same thing these girls have been photographed doing, But Alas even the same person, at different stages of life, will find Nirvana in different things. The goal is not to never grow up. It is to continually, with changing times find those experiences, those hobbies, those people around whom you can let go of worldly things and be at peace. It is to strive more and more with everything one does to be at amity with oneself and ones surroundings. It is to be slow to react, and gradually, with time, non-reactive to the negative circumstances which try to upturn ones harmony with life. It is to once in a while sit back and try to free your mind. Purge yourself of negativity. Rid yourself of all evil tension.

The goal is now more than ever to try and enjoy those calm moments that came all too easy as a child. That you lost when work and family and peer pressure entered the mix. Those calm moments that the little girls in the picture might not even fathom that they are having. Moments of Nirvana.

In all honesty, I myself am very far from these moments. But I am on a long albeit slow journey to self-discovery, and I intend to attain them. I hope we all do really. It is important to step out of our daily circus we call life and have experiences that we can truly cherish. I wish you well.

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  • nifemi
    September 11, 2014

    Beautifully written

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