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I do not like being stressed. My system cannot even handle stress, so most times, I do not do the things that I know will stress me. I do not go after the things I know will stress me even if I really want them and worse, I stop doing something (even if it’s for my good) when it starts getting stressful. But I know, I really do know and preach the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone and atimes doing things that are stressful, but needed to move forward. So I am about to write to myself and I just want to share it with you, in case you are like me.

It’s  scary how much I love my comfort zone. I do take risks, but not as much as I know is needed. When something is looking too tough, I retreat back to my comfort zone and that’s how I miss the opportunity to grow, to be better than who I already am. I give myself excuses as to why I can’t do something. Sometimes, I tell myself I don’t have time or patience. At other times, I tell myself there will be time in the future for me to do that thing and I convince myself that it is okay to go about life, avoiding the hurdles that will stretch my whole being in an incomprehensible way. It is better to be safe than sorry right?

God lets you start off in the comfort zone to nurture you, but when it is time, just like the Eagle stirs up its nest so the eaglet can release it’s wings and fly, God stirs your comfort zone, making it uncomfortable so you can go out and fulfill your potentials ~ TD Jakes.

I am familiar with the story of the servants whose master entrusted varied amounts of money in their hands, but I recently read the story again and learnt something new. Two of the servants in Luke 19:15- 26, invested the money and got back returns on them. One of the servants however buried the money because he wanted to keep it safe. He knew the world was not safe and the market was not predictable and so he did what he thought was right, he did not take risk. The master was angry and in verse 26, he said: ‘That’s what I mean: Risk your life and get more than you ever dreamed of. Play it safe and end up holding the bag’ (MSG). I would probably have done the same thing the servant did; I would have played it safe.

The thing about playing it safe is that you remain stagnant. If there is no challenge, you will never be able to know the strength that lies inside of you. If you don’t accept the stress now and do something, you will be stressed later in future when you will have less strength and time to climb the mountain you should have climbed years earlier.

This is the part where I talk to you. Yes, you that is reading…

Take that step that will make your future self thank you. It’s true what they say that nothing good comes easy. We have heard and read stories of successful people who took those steps though they were not sure of it’s end result. It’s called Risk because you don’t know the end result. It might go your way and it might not, But like Paulo Coelho wrote, the warrior of light never passes on an opportunity to take risks because he knows success lies in taking risks. The days the Warrior takes risks and loses, he knows it is part of the game and when he feels down, he does not stay down for long. He knows staying down for long will make him weaker. So he gets up, remembers the lessons he learnt from the risk he took before and he goes ahead to take another risk.

The beautiful thing about risks is that even if you failed, you would have learnt something that you otherwise wouldn’t have learnt. You would if you allow yourself have more courage to embark on the journey again because now, you are armed with knowledge gotten through experience. And what do they say about experience being the best teacher?

Oluwamayowa and the other beautiful souls like me, time is going. Leave that safety net. You really do not want to wake up years later, wanting to start what you should have started a long time ago. You failed to listen to your heart and the whispering of God, then you wake up and realise time has gone. Your strength and zeal have been reduced. Passion starts dying when it is not paid attention to. The needed help will no longer be there when you did not use it at the right time.

May you always be bold enough to do what you are meant to do at the right time. Have a beautiful week awesome readers!


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