One last time!

I had a very eventful and lovely Christmas break for many reasons. An important one is the deep souls I was privileged to meet. Akinwale had told me about Pastor Seun and from the things he said, I was very interested in meeting P. Seun. I remember telling him to message P. Seun to ask if he was around where we were so I could meet him. As the universe would have it, we bumped into P. Seun on our way out. He had not even read Akinwale’s message at the time. It was a pleasure meeting him and it is a pleasure having him share a poem on MSB. So sit back and get ready to be pulled into his deep mind.


An epic sail on icy waters

It ends on unexpected shores

A colossal loss; the Titanic

It is rumored that as she sank

The leader of the ship’s band said to his men

“Gentlemen, it’s been an honor playing with you.”

And they made a melody unique to them

Among the sweetest of symphonies ever heard on the seas

Together they did

One last time


Three hundred and one warriors with undaunted valor

Blood and mud mixed with their sweat

Stinging their eyes and playing on their tongues

That foul mixture pouring rather than trickling down their faces

Swords swinging, spear thrusts, shields banging

They played a symphony of death like a grand orchestra

Each note played with precision

To inspire a victory they could not earn on their own

But could invite others to attain

Each chord they struck was flawless

Branding the hearts of their enemies with the purest of fear

Can you hear it, see it, smell it?

Dread unrefined, leaking out of their foes from every orifice it could find?

And on that final evening as they celebrated the applause for that day’s performance

They watched the sun set on their battles

Setting on their lives

The “victory” they sought felt so near

They could taste it on their tongues

It is rumored that their king said,

“Brothers, eat and be merry

For tomorrow we dine in hell”

And as the sun rose, so did their battle cry

A locking together of shield and spear

The earth beneath their feet taking up new purpose

To bear the mark of Valor’s blood

They made a warrior’s stand

One last time


25 years of writing on a million hearts

For the words they sang were not for paper

But provided a nourishing of the soul

Redefining that which all men long to do

To express their hearts to the Maker

As Delirious? played “History maker”

It is rumored that a resonance of hearts began

One that leaked out through thousands of voices

As if they all were saying “the earth is ready for rain”

And Rain did fall

The kind that can’t be seen but can be felt

Heaven and earth crammed into one space

A dance ? in the Rain ☔ began

When he asked “will you sing with us?”

One last time


“I left all I was behind for this

To follow your footsteps and find your heartbeat

To hear what your ears hear

And see what your eyes see

To burn with the flame that burns through you

And wake up with the thoughts that keep you awake

To be the man that you are

And twice of that

For I’ll be me and still have you in me”

Elisha muses as he follows Elijah

It is rumored that he said

“I will be your shadow

And reflect your image on the ground

With an intensity like the blazing sun

Don’t turn me back for my will won’t break

For I know I follow you

One last time”


The table was set for them all

By means only He could explain

And He didn’t feel the urge to unravel that little mystery

Its appeal very much paled in grandeur

To the series of events that would follow

The unfolding of the greatest mystery of eternity past and future

Something angels longed to understand

And existed to joyfully engage in

He simply said “This is my body

Broken for you…”

And as they partook of that bread

It is rumored and found true

That a shift happened

Something hearts could grasp

But mouths cannot tell

A solemn promise of a perfect sacrifice

That would birth perfect men

Heaven’s secret it was, yet,

Earth had been waiting for it

Nothing dared stay the same

As he feasted with them as a man

One last time


I stop and stare briefly

And in my reverie I cannot deny

There’s no melody created worth notice

No display of rare valor

No invasion of heaven

No infusion of priceless virtue

No perfect sacrifice

This can be likened to

A raw display of humanity

Of mistakes and weakness

A clumsy attempt at greatness

Taking reckless steps in pitch black darkness

Probably not worth mention

Nevertheless, I’ll give this what it is deserves

And do it with all my heart

One Last Time!


By Pastor Seun.

  • Mateyscott
    February 20, 2016

    I just love this. Thanks Pastor Seun.

    • oyindamola
      February 22, 2016

      i really love it too

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