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I’m feeling giddy right now. At a friend’s place  who I haven’t seen in more than a year and I’m having quite a good time. The way our conversation has been is just making me smile in this, ‘wow! we have matured. We are not even really talking about boys’ way. It’s cool but what’s more amazing is, we can still talk about other cool stuff that makes us blush like little kids.
Enough of how cool my day is going after i left my bed. I have a true story or letter here written by an anonymous person. You can also send in stuff to me anonymously @ and i will gladly post them.

Location: trying to read.

I don’t know what you are going to do with this sola, either ways I am writing this note to you. So I am sitting here thinking of what title I should give it. Oh well I am going to go with *drum roll please…. LOL*


Don’t worry it is not a love note. It’s just a plain good old note of my thoughts and reflections. That is even if I ever give it to you.

~ Me Part ~

Sola I remember every single word, action, thought, so vividly it scares me. I remember meeting you two years ago at Dipo’s birthday. I don’t even know what happened. I remember you and Dapo asking me if I knew girls who are confused that you could do, anyways lets skip this whole part. You met me at a point when I was very vulnerable and naïve dealing with life. You’ve been there throughout my boy issues e.t.c and still we were friends with you never judging me.

~You Part~

Sola I don’t remember you asking me out honestly, I can’t even remember if you did. I felt like you just wanted to hit and skate. And then I started liking you but, what did you say again? I think you said you were not interested in me. Then Toba came along with the whole I WAS A FRIEND FOR THE BENEFIT thing. I was emotionally crushed. I never thought I’ll be in that situation, never had a bf in school so all that was new to me (and you Toba showed me pepper lol) Then you would call me, we would talk for a while and then we won’t talk for months. Sometimes I feel you put up an act in front of me like you are not real. You sha manage to understand me small.


You are a cool person, I like how you are smart. You talk about relevant things; deep conversations with you helping me through my shit moments, i.e leaving Bowen after telling me not to go. Bringing Pizza and yeah, going to the water fountain with lights at night. Am over that boyfriendish. I would not want to lose you as a friend. You’ve taught me so much. Remember when you said: ‘I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE GREAT IN LIFE’. I love your sense of maturity. Even those stuff you did that I did not like, well guys will be guys. So Sola with all said and done, am happy I have a  guy like you in my life. So should in case we stop talking finally, hope not sha but you get.

P:S If only you read books. Only God knows what would have happened.

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