Only. If. They. Knew!

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Hi guys. How has your week been? Last week Wednesday, I told you I would get someone to write about the topic of forgiving yourself. It turns out Lisa Hammer from My Ecclesia family felt led to share some words with us and it was all about forgiving yourself. The way the Spirit works is AWESOME!!! Excitedly, I asked her if I could post the poem and she responded with a big YES! So you will read that next week.

Today, I have something from Abiodun Ogunnaike for you. He is a poet and fellow blogger who has shared about 2 products from his beautiful mind with us before.  I recently met him when he came for Ten Days @Shiloh. Meeting him was such a delight.


‘We fall down and we get up’. Falling is not the problem; the problem is refusing to get back up. You will always need to get back up because God’s loving arms will always be wide open, ready to receive his beloved. Of course, as your walk with God becomes stronger, there will be a need to reduce the number of times you fall, but if you don’t rise now, your walk with God won’t get better. So darlings, carefully read Abbey’s words and let it speak to you like it spoke to me. Much love awesome readers. Much love!



Entangled in a mess

due to the stench oozing out

of my weaknesses, still I put

on my best fragrance,waving at

their adore of me even as I itch

with filth beneath garment,

only if they all knew.


Daily in bed i twist and turn,

my peace fails to return

I have quoted his holy words

prayed to his holy name,yet i

keep loosing sleep,it just slips

away from me as I reach,

right now I feel not so rich

the peace I lack,money can’t acquire.


What they see is a sage

that has come of age

walking among mere mortals

only if they knew am not perfect

at least not as picture perfect

as I appear, I too weep in despair.


We wrestle against powers,

principalities and dark forces,yes!

But my fight is more internal,

It’s a fight against sin of scandal

unknown to all that I know

It’s a fight with my ‘standards’

A score sheet that has only

recently made me feel like ‘shit’

It’s a fight to live above regrets

as nothing never seems to satisfy

My goals, this have failed to rectify

perhaps ‘success’ I must redefine.


Only if they knew that I

wither away with worry like

a plant without water, i wish to

drink from heaven’s fountain.

I won’t mind if it will rain

on me all of the peace have lost

to the feeling of blemish,

to feeling as though incompetent.


These with every passing time

brings me pain, feeling like I have

failed all those that matter

as I submit; nothing else matters.

But the love of my father said “No,

my redeeming blood still matters

enough to sanctify thy sanctuary”


Only if we all knew our soul

We can renew with the freedom

attached to forgiving ourselves.

Deducing I need to forgive myself,

for “if I don’t, who will?”

then will peace make me still.

P.S: It’s okay to have imperfections. That is why I believe you are allowed to forgive yourself of your short comings. There is absolutely nothing wrong in forgiving yourself. Peace!


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