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Happy new month awesome readers of this blog. May the month of August bring us rest in all facets of our lives. It has been a while since I last posted a story, because I am selfish with my stories. But, I’m learning to fight that selfishness. So here is a story I wrote sometime last year. Have fun reading and sharing. Do have an awesome weekend 🙂


It was raining heavily again; the same way the cloud opened to release a heavy down pour the day he told her he cheated on her and he wouldn’t say it is the devil’s handwork ‘cause it wasn’t. He wouldn’t say it wouldn’t happen again because he was not ready to lie to her and he wasn’t sure it wouldn’t happen again.

‘Deep sigh’, that was all she could manage to do, just sigh and look into his eyes. She didn’t cry, nor blame him nor ask him why because she knew all those answers. He had told her months before that he wasn’t happy and she had told him, ‘only you are responsible for your happiness and there is nothing I can do about it’. He looked at her and smiled; a sardonic smile. He didn’t ask for a divorce and he didn’t say he detested her but he might have well have said it. They slept together that night like they do whenever she manages to be home. He slept on the right side and she on the left.

While getting her hair done at the saloon, she overheard two women talking and although she thinks it’s rude to eavesdrop, she couldn’t help herself.  One of the women was talking about not knowing who will walk her daughter to the aisle since the dad is missing. The family members want her to bury an empty coffin but she will do no such thing; her burying him is her saying he is dead and she is hopeless but she believes, her heart believes he is still out there somewhere because the part of her heart that he holds still beats though weakly. Her eyes swelled up with tears and she had to walk to her car to cry. She couldn’t explain why she was crying, she didn’t even know the woman, her story was sad no doubt but not sad enough to make her cry.  ‘Why does my heart not beat for him again?’ she thought to herself. Her husband was alive but he might have well have been dead or missing. ‘Is that how he feels? That I’m dead? Why didn’t I say something else when he said he was sad?’ she drove home with a heavy heart and a new hair style which went unnoticed by him. She went on her knees to talk to the being that understands it all; Jesus should be able to help her.


He looked at her as she entered the house, she had on a new hairstyle and he commented that he liked it but he didn’t think she heard him. He went back to the football game he was watching, Blues were winning against Manchester city and the blood rush from the excitement of being a fan of the winning team took his mind off things for a while.

He didn’t intend to cheat on her. He had unconsciously been cheating emotionally before he finally made it physical by making out with her. How did it even happen again? Yes, he saw what it meant for someone to care for him and he got so sucked in, truly amazed at how big a person’s heart can be to make the person take your load as hers. ‘An open window’, that’s what she usually said whenever she shook her head in disagreement after he tells her his wife isn’t around. ‘She is never around. Does she not understand? She is leaving an open window for irreparable damage to occur in your marriage. You!! Go to her. Yes, you have the money to travel to meet her wherever she is so what’s stopping you? Call her every day, send her mails, tell her you love her. Don’t tell me things like that don’t appeal to her. Just do it. Open window Bayo! Open window, its deadly. Close that window’, She would say then ask him how his day was and let him offload all his fears and sadness on her shoulder. She never stopped talking about how he could talk to her and talk to Jesus and though he didn’t really talk to Jesus, he gladly talked to her not knowing that she would one day own his heart, exactly what she feared might happen.

It was so easy to fall for her and it was so hard for him to pull back when he found himself wanting to hear her voice every minute, wanting to share his day with her and unconsciously not doing the things that he knew she didn’t like. He still wanted the passion to come alive in his marriage, he still wanted his wife to be around more and care for him like she should, he wanted to be able to visit his wife whenever she travelled without her telling him not to come because he would distract her but there she was, gradually taking away the loneliness and sadness that had become his life and there he was wanting to give her the world though he knew she would refuse it, she was that kind of a person.

‘you are married but living single’, she once said amidst laughter and she told him of the movie tittled that, that featured Funke Akindele, ‘a talented actress’, she said while nodding her head like she was agreeing with herself. The kiss wasn’t planned. They were in a romantic and serene environment, they were just meant to meet up for a drink and talk about a project she wanted to start that she required his help for, but he couldn’t stop himself when she started looking at him in the way that showed she cared, she was interested in what he had to say, she was ready to advice him. Then she gave him the big hug, the hug that signified her taking his burdens on her shoulder. She smelled so good, her face so close, her eyes so deep and full of love and concern and he felt lost, in her embrace and he started pecking her. Though she started withdrawing, but she gave in when he started kissing her neck. It really wasn’t planned, neither was the other three times and he really wanted to go further but pleasure wasn’t worth losing her.

‘Let’s talk to Jesus. We need to talk to Jesus. Our resume with him is tainted’, she said the last time after telling him they couldn’t see anymore because she needed him to work it out with his wife. The match was his way of trying to pretend for a minute that her walking out won’t only make it harder for him to work things out with his wife.


The lights were switched off but she felt his presence on the bed; she kept her head on the pillow, eyes open. She didn’t know whether to tap him to talk, what would it even do anyway? She was travelling for a month. She was going for training for a higher position; she had to reach the peak of her career.


She is going tomorrow again. She would come back and stay some days, then leave again. That has been the tradition since they got married three years ago. Hmmmm! Women and career. He has to suffer because of ambition. He chuckled and said ‘open window’ a little louder than he wanted.

‘Oh you are awake’, she said and turned to him. He closed his eyes and pretended not to hear, there was no point of talking. It won’t stop her from going tomorrow even if he begs like he had done more than once.


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