Paddy Adenuga and the importance of Exposure

Last week, Paddy Adenuga, one of Wale Adenuga’s sons shared his story about how he almost acquired Chevron in the Netherlands. The comments pouring in on twitter about it were A lot. Of course, a lot were not so pleasing. Some insulted him for his privilege like it’s a crime that he grew up in a privileged home or like that makes his feats any less admirable.  There were many comments from people that thanked him for sharing his story. Apparently, his story broke the internet. I’m not here to talk about Paddy Adenuga’s audacious acts. I just want to use his story as a basis for a topic I have desperately wanted to talk about for months now but didn’t know how to. I still don’t but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

In the part of the story I read, Paddy mentioned working as a director in his family business in both the telecom division and the oil and gas division. He also mentioned that he had once led a major acquisition for his family. It will be hard to miss from his story how the various capacities he served at his dad’s company exposed him to somethings and gave him a good experience which would later come in handy. That’s what really caught my interest. His EXPOSURE opened his mind to possibilities that made him dare to go after such a huge take over venture.

I once watched a movie that made me jot down the importance of exposure on a sticky note I cannot find now. If I remember correctly, I wrote that exposure changes everything. It changes the way you see the world, it changes the way you see yourself and most especially, it helps you cancel out some limits you once placed on yourself. It reveals new heights and dreams to you and the possibility of such things. I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to a good extent as a child. Because of that, I never really grew up thinking I couldn’t do many things. Being in different countries has opened my mind beyond my locality and country. Helped me to see that there is more beyond life as i know it. Reading books by diverse authors have been particularly helpful for me as a writer because it has really made me travel to places I might never go and thoughts from beautiful minds that I might never meet. Exposure lets you aspire to be more; to do more because you have seen it. Like Paddy, you have had first-hand experience or you have seen or read about others.

EXPOSURE MATTERS. It makes you aware.  So please, if you can, travel. See places that will make you open your mouth in awe. Learn about a new culture. Go out. Meet people whose mind will sharpen yours.  Network with people, even those you don’t particularly like. Read books and articles. Use your internet to do research. Watch movies. TRY NEW DISHES. This one is really important.  My God! It opens your palate in a whole new way. Be it local or international dishes. Just try new dishes.

The way you see life becomes different. The things you say and do become different. The things you accept become different. The tasks you set for yourself become different. And you end up helping not only yourself, but others as well. Exposure does this and more. So please, take my advice. Your life will become better for i`t.

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  • Elizabeth T Peters
    February 6, 2018

    Thank you for this! Exposure is key

  • Oluwatosin Adeagbo
    February 8, 2018

    I am so happy you wrote on this article,as at last week i was all over about the article as i learnt a lot from it ,importance of networking, taking risk, having a proper team, company stategy and the desire to stand out . I like your perspective on the article, ‘exposure’ uhmm, really true. Really interesting piece!!!

  • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
    February 14, 2018

    Thank you for reading Tosin. I didn’t finish reading the article. So it’s helpful that you also pointed out things you learnt. The lessons you pointed out are definitely important for good success.

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