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Hello my beautiful MSB readers. I know, I know, it’s another monday again and most of us are already counting down to Friday. Monday’s are a necessary evil, so we gotta just live with it. I hope you are having a nice day and the sun isnt killing you like it’s killing me here (you should never follow your mum to the bank when you know you will be sitting in the car. If only i knew she would branch the bank… sigh).
I have anther guest post for us. The writer’s name is Ugochi and she is a student at University of Ibadan. she also has a blog, so you can check that out. This is a poem or just words (she doesn’t know what to call it) that i found really interesting and truthful and I could relate with it. I’m very positive you will also find a little you in the poem. Do enjoy and please, please, lets share. Darlings, let’s get into the habit of commenting and sharing. Sharing won’t take you time. So help us out will you?
 I yearn for it. I search for it
It’s supposed to be in me they say
We are all born with it they add
Somedays I think I have found it
Other days I wonder where it has wandered to
I want my niche, I crave that peace
That people so often describe
In a world where everybody is looking to desperately belong
I just want what’s mine
It doesn’t have to be worth more than a dime
It doesn’t need to be recognised or approved by the world
It just has to be mine
To cherish and to nurture
To have and to own
It’s the only thing that would make me feel special.
My only priceless possession
My passion. “
Her note: Thanks so much for hosting me on here. You just sort of cured my writer’s block. Haven’t really written this year. Thanks for the read everyone do check out my blog

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