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Hello Folks! My sincerest apology for my failure to post on Monday. I hope today’s post will make up for it. 

I had something in mind to share with us this morning, but while doing my bible study, it became pressed upon my heart to share my notes from this morning’s Bible study instead. I believe it’s because it’s a word in season that one or two people asides me needs. 

So kindly allow your spirit to be free and let the words breathe upon you and stir up your spirit. It would be highly appreciated if you share the post. 




One of my favourites scriptures in the Bible is Proverbs 18: 16. A man’s gift is capable of opening doors for him and that has greatly encouraged me to pay attention to my gifts. Pay attention to it, prune it and grow it, then use it unashamedly.

A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men – Proverbs 18:16

Solomon’s words regarding gifts were probably influenced by his father, David. David was a very gifted man who used his gifts to serve God and man. Saul had been rejected by God as King. An evil spirit was in him that tormented him (1 Samuel 16: 18). His servants advised that someone that could play the harp be brought to play for him. I am sure many could have played the harp in that region, at that time, but the servants specifically asked for David.  WHY? David was a man who was already committed to serving God and man before he was made King. He was a man who already understood the importance of not wasting resources. One of the resources God has given us is our gifts. David was able to stand out from the rest because he made use of the gift God gave him. He was committed to using the gift and he was a man that God was obviously with. He paid atttention to his gifts and the giver of the gifts. No wonder he was a sought after musician and instrumentalist in his time. Pay attention to your gift (s) and the giver. 

Anointing is never an excuse to be lazy. Like Smish told us before, though annointed to be king, David was still busy. The annointing was just a potentiality. Something had to be done to turn that potentiality to an actuality. He was still serving his father by tending to the sheep. When Saul needed David to be called, he told Jesse, ‘Send me your son who is with the sheep’ (1 Samuel 16: 19). Not only did David’s family know he was busy, even the King knew he was busy. If the king of all people knew this, then it goes to show that his hard work and service was very evident. Even when he was with the king, he didn’t abandon his own initial work. He did not get so comfortable in the palace that he forgot to tend to the sheep, the primary responsibility given to him by his father (1 Samuel 17: 15). It’s never enough to have a gift, you also need good character. Good character is what will magnify and solidify your gifts. David was a man that had good character. While his gift brought him to the King’s palace, it was his character that kept him there and enabled him to keep using that gift (Chapter 17, vs 22 – 23). Pay attention to your character.

If you find it hard to get opportunities for a job or whatever, there will always be an opportunity to serve. It’s just that many atimes, we overlook these opportunities to serve, not knowing that therein lies the secret to greatness. One of the fastest ways to get ahead in life is to serve and David definitely used that to his advantage. An opportunity had just come for him to serve. His father told him to take food to his brothers who were in Saul’s army. I find it very interesting that David did not just serve; he was also eager to serve. In verse 20 of chapter 17, the Bible said: ‘Early in the morning, David left the flock… and set out’.  Message translation says, ‘David was up at the crack of dawn’. He was given the assignment to take food to his siblings. He saw that as important enough for him to rise up early to do it. His obedience to his father was not delayed obedience- which is really not obedience. David was eager to serve. Most of us only serve after much grumbling and without a sense of urgency. Pay attention to how you serve.

If you serve, you will be served.

David went ahead to fight against Goliath because he had testimonies from what God had done through him before. That’s why he told Saul in 1 Samuel 17: 34 – 37 that God would give him victory over Goliath in the same way he gave him victory over the lion and bear in the wilderness. In the place of service, that’s while tending to his father’s few sheep, David was unknowingly getting trained for the day he would really be announced. If he had neglected the place of service, he might never have faced the challenges that prepared him for the throne. The testimonies he had from God helping him in the wilderness made his faith stand. You have testimonies that will boost your faith to fight your challenges. Pay attention to them.

The Israelis’ confidence was restored after David killed Goliath. David was that man that paved the way for them. What if someone needs your boldness before he/she can have the boldness to step out? Pay attention.

If you study your Bible well, you will notice most of the people that did great things didn’t live for themselves alone. Pay attention to the lives you can touch through the use of your gift (s). Look out for opportunities to serve and please, serve eagerly and diligently. Your life starts to change when you start paying attention to the lives and needs of others. Stop sleepwalking through life. Start paying attention!

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