Persistent like sleep

Hello!!! Happy new month. How are you all doing? So I have a piece that I wrote at the beginning of this year. I feel it is worth sharing as it inspired me when I recently read it again. Kindly take 10 mins out of your time to read this. Thank you.


I do not have many struggles in a day. And I definitely do not have many constant struggles every week, but one that comes at me and attacks me with full force almost everyday is sleep. Sleep is a blessing but I don’t see it as a blessing when my flesh has to constantly war against it. It happens rarely that I am not fighting sleep while having a lecture or a seminar.

I went for my first public law 2 seminar for the year ready to learn about internal displacement and the human right issues surrounding it. It’s particularly interesting because I don’t really know much about internal displacement. I will even be bold enough to say I don’t think I knew anything at all about internal displacement or even knew that term until public law 2 walked into my life. But isn’t that one of the points of education. It’s meant to make you more knowledgeable although having knowledge does not depend on you going to school.

I was starting to deviate. My sincere apology.

Back to public law 2. I fought sleep so much in that class that I can’t really tell you what I learnt in the class. My focus was on staying awake and lord knows I was failing miserably at doing that. The annoying thing is, I actually drank coffee some hours before the class. But it was like the coffee was cooperating with sleep. Sleep was paying it more than I was. Sleep was very persistent, I said to Dorothy on our way to the bus stop after the class. Dorothy who I thought was awake in the class was apparently also having the same battle. I am so sure many can relate and if you can’t, you are a special being. Special in an awesome way. I want to be like you when I grow up and be able to hit sleep hard when it brings it’s face.

Perhaps we will get so many things done in life if we are as persistent as sleep. Actually, not perhaps. We will actually get more done if we are persistent. Do you know what persistence is? It means I will keep trying until I get whatever it is done. It means I will be stubborn that even when I am shaken, I will still find my way back cause I just have to achieve. Persistence is sleep that keeps coming back no matter what you fight it with.

A great way to be persistent is to keep coming back. So there was a widow who wanted justice, but wasn’t getting it. She took it upon herself to constantly disturb the judge until he finally budged (Luke 18: 1 _ 8). Persistence will make people listen to you and it will make life listen to you and dance to the tunes you create even if it doesn’t do that at first.

Have a great week ahead loves. Goodluck to all the precious souls that have exams. I’m sure you will be more than just fine.

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  • Oladosu Tosin
    May 5, 2016

    This got me laughing all through my reading, because I can relate well with the scene. A very lovely one.

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