Poetry’s gift to me!

I love how the internet has made me meet some very interesting souls. One of those souls I fell in love with almost immediately is Abiodun Ogunnika. We met through an acquaintance about 2 years ago now, when I ran my first series, War On Women on this blog. It has been a beautiful friendship since then.

I implore you to read this piece and share it. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

P;S: I have decided to run ‘Our Stories’ series every Monday and Friday till it ends. I don’t want there to be a long break before the next piece. So people won’t start to forget and get tired. I do hope your energy juice is still running for this cause I have more exciting stories to bring to you. Have a great weekend 🙂


Hello Guys! My name is Ogunnika Abiodun aka Okiki (okikisblog.wordpress.com). Here is my story:

I grew up with an health challenge that in a way secluded me from the world and hereby made life a bit solo for me. It affected my studies and my rate of assimilation so I struggled academically most of my life. This is not me giving excuses for those number of times I failed maths in school or those number of times my grades weren’t so good. This is me simply letting you know I didn’t have it going as normal/easy as it should be compared to the next kid on the block.

Based on the fact that I wasn’t doing well,I began to look down on my person. After a while, Abiodun didn’t seem like much. Just another average guy in class that is neither “dull” nor “sharp”. So I went on with life in that regard, never trying out brain tasking activities mostly because I thought I didn’t have the brains.

At a point someone very close even suggested I quit school (university) and maybe enroll into a seminary or something (please don’t laugh at the idea *lol*). But for some reason decided I wasn’t going to quit. I wasn’t sure why but something told me I just couldn’t quit. I tried my best even at a time some might say it was too late but with God I finished with a grade that wasn’t the best, but was good enough to land me two different jobs in a couple of months.

Now somewhere along the line when all these phases of my life were unfolding, poetry was the only thing I could confidently say I didn’t suck at. Yes, my self esteem was that low,even though I did a very good job of hiding it over the years. But deep down, in the most quiet part of my heart I knew I didn’t see myself as much. There was a time I wrote a poem, shared it with a friend who then encouraged me to start sharing my poems on a public platform. That ignited me to start a blog and also made me feel if my poems mattered, then I can make other things matter; I can try my hands at anything, I wasn’t useless afterall. My level of inspiration became seriously fueled up that I find myself coming up with concepts, delivering it in beautiful lines of poetry and by the time I am done, I wonder If the words were actually written by me. Like really? I bet if any of my literature teachers from back then read any of my nice piece,they would have probably said something like “you mean that boy could write this good? Wow!”. Not like it’s me behind such transformational progress, it has simply been God exhibiting his gift in me. The Gift of “the word”.

I share this so openly just so you can see that you are more than your insecurities, doubts, low self-esteem and failures. You are a lot more. If I had stopped myself from doing something as mentally challenging as poetry (despite the fact that I didn’t think I had the brains), I would have probably never experienced the gifts I currently have. Poetry is a gift to me. You want to know what I mean by this? I write….

” Poetry’s Gift To Me ”

My pen is so eager to dance

on the surface of this paper.

I hold it back in reflection.

In reflection upon a time

i was lost in wilderness of time,

even while I was so jobless

it seemed time was all I had.


Then came poetry, shinning light

upon dark places, ironing out

rough edges, showing me a

me that for long has been invisible.

It said to me “you are able”


Some have called me a sage of

wisdom, some said am prolific.

Some say intelligent. Some say

I am brilliant. All words I never

at any junction in my journey

thought I would ever take in.

And I lived very much in that fear.


A fear that made me feel as though

if surrounded by great minds

i will pass out, if the world

brought to me all I need,

i still can’t carve a niche.

Poetry, pushed out the great in me.


Grown into a pattern I find solid.

Poetry’s opinions I find candid.

As I chose to listen to me!

The me within that knew what

the other me did not know.

The me within that saw

what poetry saw that I didn’t.


Like a bank of water am filled

with enough poetry that has labelled

me with some prowess. But I must

confess, my confidence sometimes

needs a recess and perhaps a reset.


I begin writing on subjects upon

which my well of knowledge

aren’t full, but poetry hides

my foggy, i trust it so much

with poetry I always make sense.


It brings the expressive beast out

and so am no longer intimidated.

I dare to ask,what could scare a


Doubt imprisons me, and so i

never get to take that step.

You know what frees me? Poetry!

Drilled into me a sense that

I can do it all, so can you!


Poetry’s greatest gift to me

is the joy it brings,the artistic

process,ever so fulfilling.

Helped me to see that if you

love it,go for it,never hide it.

Poetry,abetted me to find me!


Trust the process not prowess

so as to deliver on dreams

before forgone and on missions

never seen as possible!

Impossible? For you is a no.


You have to read Emptying the womb by Abbey. It’ s brilliant.

  • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
    March 11, 2016

    I love you hon. You have been such a great encourager. Thanks for this piece. God bless you.

    • Abey
      March 11, 2016

      you inspire me you know? it is only just that I encourage you,love you boo!

  • Omotayo ogunnika
    March 11, 2016

    Weldone Abbey, hope you are thinking of doing a collection of your poems and packaging it into a book form for publishing…God bless your gift.

  • Omotayo ogunnika
    March 11, 2016

    Weldone Matey Scott for publishing Abbey’s story…a beautiful heart you’ve got..

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