Potential Bae

He always calls you his potential bae

And deep in your mind, you want to tell him!

You want to tell him you have more potentials

Than just potential bae

Whenever he calls you potential bae

Your head automatically screams no

And your heart stops pumping blood as well

Because your heart knows it does not

Want to remain potential

For many have died being just potentials


In your heart, you know he doesn’t

Want to say potential bae

He wants to say you are BAE!!!

You are the one he writes all those sad stories for

The sad stories where the guy never gets the girl

Because the guy does not know if the girl would want him

So he will just keep being a friend

A confidant

And he will watch the girl crawl back to him in tears

After another guy has broken her tender heart

He would always wonder why the girl couldn’t see him

Why she couldn’t see he loved her

But he would never say anything

And nothing would ever change


You always wanted to tell him those sad stories were a perfect description

Of both of you

But you never did

Because your head will remind you that you have

Your pride to protect

And you know his head also tells him

That you might not want him

That you do not even see him as potential anything

But his heart knows the truth

His heart knows your heart and his

Became one the day your souls collided

But he is human

And you are human

And your head is meant to protect you from your heart

After all, the heart is known for doing stupid things

That makes your soul ache in pain


Potential bae!!!

Potential bae!!!

That keeps ringing in your ears

And you know it will keep ringing

Because your head will not let you tell him

Its fine!

It’s okay!

You have been waiting all along

And you are now ready to be bae.

His head will tell him the same thing

And he will remain in the safety net

Not wanting to risk

If it works out or if it doesn’t

That is one of the curses of humans

Always too afraid to reach out

But Fear will always make the heart bleed

Because the heart knows what you should go after

But the head keeps fear alive

And potential bae

You will remain.


Have a great week ahead loves. Step out and please, don’t let fear stop you from achieving great things this week.


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