Power. Of. A. Hug!

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This is blog is not only for myself or the other in house writers, it’s open to everyone. Today, we have a poem written by Kolade. It’s a much needed poem in this period that we are in. Enjoy reading it. If you have anything to send, you can send it to mayowa25@yahoo.com.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


The truth about The HUG’
The truth about The HUG’
What’s really special about a hug
Does it heal, does it steal, does it really deserve appeal?
What’s really the big deal?

Does it Unite?
What really does it ignite?
I feel special by the mere sight of it
I sense shivers as of water from the pacific pouring right on me
I crave the embrace
I long for my heart to race

To the mother whose Child is in her arms
To the father praying, holding on to psalms
To the boy who is seeking hope
To the girl who can barely cope
In all of this I have come to learn
That whatever we face ,Whatever our race
The message of Grace, Love and hope can simply be expressed in a simple hug’

By Kolade.


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  • msm
    December 2, 2015

    Wow! It’s unique…

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