Proudly African?

 Hello beautiful Amigos. It’s Mayowa here invading Moyo’s space. Please read and don’t forget to use the share button. Gracias :*
I wasn’t always a proud African. Infact while I was much younger, I would send Prayers to God to change my skin colour, accent, hair texture and just make me WHITE! White was gold to me. The White guys I saw on TV looked flawless and I looked with admiration to the extent of embarrassing myself whenever I saw a white person. Why? Because society associated white with superiority, intelligence, beauty and just class while Blacks were the dirty under dogs that only existed to serve the white. Crazy right? I Know. Thank God society started changing especially in America with the Civil Rights movement with the likes of Martin Luther King Jr at the forefront and the end of Apartheid in South Africa with the likes of Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela at the fore front. Whenever I watch movies such as ‘Daniel lee’s The butler’ and ’12 years a slave”, I think of how much the blacks suffered then. Some still suffer though not as much. I fear Racism is not something that can totally be gotten rid of. We Humans just find it hard to accept we are all one regardless of race and skin colour.
African beautyI am not a black American so I cannot really say I relate with their history but I understand because I am a Black Nigerian and my type of Black was also associated with dirt. I am afraid my race and skin colour are still associated with dirt and inferiority and this time, I can’t really blame the white man. I dare say the Black man is responsible! Common guys’, bleaching in an attempt to turn your skin colour to white is just not needed. Like seriously, you’ve got to appreciate your skin colour. Now, I am a proud African.No really, why won’t I be proud? Have you seen us? We are endowed; we are ridiculously smart if we stop allowing inferiority dim our brightness. Our cultures are so diverse and absofreakinglutely amazing. We have such beautiful skins if only we take care of them properly and I love our hair. I used to want a very soft, long, and silky like hair but not anymore. I recently joined #teamnatural and I’m loving it. Even if your hair is relaxed, it’s beautiful darling. We can’t roast in the sun. Isn’t that a blessing?

Have you seen our attires? simply African

Elegantly African

Elegantly African

Ankara movement is taking over the world and it’s all African. I am a proud African, anywhere and everyday and you should be too. You are beautiful and Africa is beautiful. Hey! You black beauty that is doubting yourself because of your skin colour, don’t forget the words of Lupita… lupitaTo any white folk reading this, you are beautiful as well. You are just not superior, same way blacks are not superior to you. We are humans and we are equal. So bask in your beauty and all the beauties that accompanies being white as we will bask in ours too.

African hairstyles are crazy and so creative. You can do all kind of funky hairstyles that will accentuate your African beauty. I have a darling whose hair I love and I couldn’t help but take  pictures…


Yoruba beauty


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