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When we worship, God looks beyond our words to see the attitude of our heart … He doesn’t want showmanship or pretence or phoniness in worship. We can worship God imperfectly, but we cannot worship him INSINCERELY~ Rick Warren

Notes from Mayowa: There was a Sunday that I went to a different church. I didn’t come alive in that church and I felt like I was missing the presence of God in the church though I know God is everywhere. My body is his temple, his dwelling place, so I carry God everywhere and should be able to connect with him anywhere and at any time. But the environment didn’t make me connect with the presence of God and I knew anything I did in that church for that day would be a waste simply because my heart was not there. So when we praised and worshipped, I used my lips and not my heart. When we prayed, I used my lips and not my heart and even when I gave offering, I did it just because… And I knew the offering would not benefit me because I did not sow it with joy and love. I did not do it because I wanted to worship God through my offering (offering is a form of worship. It is giving to God. Giving to people is also an important form of worship). I told my sister that I only went to church that Sunday to fulfill all righteousness as I was dead in the church. Now, I have no excuse whatsoever for missing the presence of God in the church. I am meant to see God in all things right and righteous and I did not allow my heart connect to God that Sunday because I didn’t like the way things were done in the church and the sermon was bland to me.

The point of my epistle is when God called us to fellowship, he called us to fellowship with him in sprit and truth. He did not force uS to choose him, we chose him willingly through the working of the Holy Spirit. And if we chose him, I like to believe we did not because of the things we can get from him, but because we love him. If we love him, then we should be able to worship him with our lives in the beauty of his holiness. Our worship to God should not be lip service. It should be a heart cry. A passionate display of our love for him. That is when God recognises and acknowledges our worship. So I implore you, if you have been serving God which includes reading your bible because you want to fulfill religion, then it’s better to stop because there is no point. Let your serving be because you want a relationship, a deep and working relationship with him and just because you acknowledge his awesomeness. Your worship to God must first be felt in your heart before it can be felt in God’s heart. But please, don’t use ‘I don’t feel like it’ as an excuse not to praise God. Make yourself feel like it. That was what I failed to do that Sunday.

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  • frances
    August 6, 2015

    I sure didn’t feel like worshiping my Daddy this morning during my quiet time but I remembered that feelings have nothing to do with it.
    So worship I did and edify myself I did by speaking in heavenly languages.

    I remember a Kenneth Hagin’s book I read where he talked about a woman who said she didn’t believe she was filled with the Spirit cuz she didn’t feel like praising God. Kenneth Hagin said he didn’t feel like too but worshiped anyway and as he spoke in tongues, he started laughing in the holy ghost, his face lit up…

    Worship happens in spirit and in truth, even if our flesh feels like or not, we should get on it, sooner or later, the flesh will catch up on it (note to myself too).

    Thanks Mayowa, I pray to get on my own purpose driven life soon..

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