Hello! Hello! Hello! I am happy to announce our first guest post on this website. It was written by Ayotunde Oyebamiji who I atimes refer to as ‘my pastor’ because of his obvious love for God and his efforts in trying to enhance the kingdom through his ministry which is the relationship and Men ministry.  He is an eloquent speaker and a passionate relationship teacher. I am hoping he will appear here more often as time goes back but for now, do learn from this article and don’t be selfish, share as well.

If you haven’t subscribed, you totally should so you can get updates about whats going on, on this blog. I know you might have tried to subscribe before and it didn’t go through. Sorry about that, we have fixed the problem. So you can click on the subscribe icon at the end of the post or by the side bar if you are using a laptop. Don’t worry, it’s free.images-71It is no new news that every human being wants to be relevant based on their disposition to life, whether to a particular set of individuals, a particular person or the world at large everyone wants to feel a sense of relevance, that feeling that someone somewhere sees me as important. A father wants to be relevant to his kids, a wife to her husband, kids to their parents, even an insane man who is nuts wants to be relevant, so he marks his territory and calls someone else insane in a bid to feel important than the other(funny isn’t it). I remember this fateful day when thieves came visiting in my house, myself, my siblings and my dad ran out of the house over the fence leaving my mum to face the nice guys (winks) and still my dad was still exclaiming “my wife” where we hid and I was wondering why he ran out initially (lol) but the gist is he felt a sense of responsibility because of the fact that he felt relevant to his babe. That’s just by the way. What I’m trying to say is feeling relevant is an innate feature of every human being but so many had theirs crushed growing up, different bad experiences and bitter words said against your sense of relevance crushed it and it affected your self-esteem, you became so irrelevant that even when you are around, no one feels your presence.

images-99You have so much inside but you feel nobody needs it. You have things to offer but you are so inert no one knows you are gifted, you are always discouraged just like I was, never ready to take a bold step all because you feel irrelevant.images-104 Sweets, despise the bad experiences and bitter words said to crush you, the world awaits you finding expression. No one has that same ability all in conglomeration like you have them that’s why you are unique. The experiences and bitter words spoken are excavators creating in you more space for an increased capacity. Watch, every wise man has an experience to refer to, those are their lesson notes.



images-66 No one can stop you from being you except you because you were created to be you, so look inward my dear and let the real you find expression. That particular thing you’re good at that you think sucks needs to be seen, let yourself loose because the world needs your relevance.

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  • MSM
    August 4, 2014

    Yeah! You are right, nice one

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