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Hello Awesome people. I apologise for not posting on Monday. The blog had some technical issues . A big welcome to our new readers, those I forced to subscribe last week and the other beautiful souls joining us. I hope you’ll have a swell time.

I am trying to work on the blog layout and all, so pardon me if you see weird things. I am still adopting the ‘trial and error’ method and since I am a technical novice, I will make a lot of mistakes.

For the beautiful souls just joining us, we usually do something similar to a Bible study on Wednesdays. So yeah, sit back and enjoy reading.

Bless your hearts loves!


I am a natural late comer and living approximately thirty minutes away from school does not help me. There was a time, back in Nigeria that I invited a friend for an event. He ended up getting there before me. I invited that same friend over the last holiday for a programme at my church. I told him I wouldn’t be late and he was just like, call me when you actually leave your house because you are a perpetual late comer. Ouch! The word “perpetual” made me think about my life. I determined to change this year. It has not been working out so well, but the year is still young. Anyway, usually we take two buses from my house to school and so as not to be late, we would have to leave the house at least 45 minutes before time. That means breakfast suffers when I have 9am and 11am classes. Sometimes, 12pm class (yes, I love sleep).

Google maps is not so reliable as it almost got Dara and I lost in London, but it’s pretty reliable for telling me bus times. There was a day I was going to be terribly late for my 9am obligations seminar until google maps made me become aware of Bus 5 which only takes ten minutes to get to school. So I don’t have to take two buses and risk being late because of the passing trains. And now, I can eat breakfast. What a blessing bus 5 is.

It was the first week back in school and we were still in the holiday mood. Eden and I had our usual 9am seminar on Tuesday and seriously contemplated not going for it because it was just too cold to leave the comfort of our home. But the thought of our fathers giving us the trademark “look” that makes you feel guilty for wasting their money made us leave the house. I told her about bus 5 and off we went to wait at the bus stop at Sainsbury for bus 5. Bus 5 was meant to come at 8: 41, but it was 8: 52 and the bus was still not here. Just 8 minutes till our class starts. We contemplated going back home because we would definitely be late if we took the longer route. We were about to start walking back home when bus 5 came. I proudly told Eden that bus 5 never disappoints. Even it is late, it will surely come.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry ~ Habakkuk 2: 3.

I have fickle faith in a bus system that sometimes fails. There is weight in the statement I made, ‘Bus 5 never fails disappoints’. But I wonder how often I say to myself and people that ‘God never disappoints’. The bus was looking like it wasn’t  going to come and it’s the same way somethings we hope and pray for don’t even show any sign that they are approaching. And like Eden and I almost did, we turn our backs. We stop standing on the promise, word or whatever. We relegate faith to a back seat. And we go to take the longer route. Longer route because your journey in life and destiny will always be longer when you decide to take matters into your own hands and stop following God’s road map. But can we learn to say, I know who I believe in, he will surely not disappoint?

God isn’t human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfil? ~ Numbers 23: 19.

It will be interesting and highly rewarding when we get to that point in our lives where we realize God is never late and though the vision that he has made plain to you tarries, it will come to pass. See, we thought we were going to be late, but the bus came and got us to school right on time. Trust God enough to know he will get you to that place or do that thing for you right on time. Don’t take matters into your hands darlings. Trust that he will be right on time.

How often do you wait on God? Think on that!

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