Salt; I’m not actually Ebola’s friend

My exceptionally awesome MSB readers, I hope you are having a good day and today’s sun is shining brighter than yesterday’s sun for you.  If it’s not, there is still tomorrow. For the main time, you can read this short information that I felt we should arm ourselves with after I saw another one of Mike Asukwo’s cartoon depiction. I will soon start stalking him, the man is brilliant.

My darling Nigerians, I know Ebola Virus is something we really want to get rid of at all cost, It’s not only us that wants to get rid of it but please, don’t lets add pepper to Injury in our bid to get rid of this deadly plague that has come to our land.

It’s important you know that there is no cure for Ebola yet and the only prevention are those that have been told by medical practitioners such as avoiding contact with a dead Ebola victim, maintain proper hygiene and so on. DO NOT BE DECEIVED, BATHING IN HOT WATER AND SALT DO NOT PREVENT EBOLA. Infact, it might be just be weakening your immune system. Ebola virus is not worm.

Here is something you should know about salt: It has a destructive effect on protein. A virus is a protein particle. Salt dehydrates cell and cause it to be destroyed. If done on any tissue, it feels the pain of this effect. Salt is not selective and does not differentiate human cells from other cells. YOU BATHING WITH SALT SOLUTION IS YOU PUTTING YOUR SKIN TISSUE CELLS TO RIK. DEPENDING ON THE CONCENTRATION OF THE DALT, YOU MAY EVEN BE BREAKING YOUR FIRST LINE OF IMMNUE RESPONSE, THE PORTECTIVE COVERING OF YOUR BODY, GIVING WAY FOR ENTRANCE TO OTHER INFECTIOUS AGENTS.

Please, let’s stick to disinfectants and strictly adhere to medical advice. You can also eat plenty bitter Kola as it has been proven that a substance in BITTER KOLA increases immunity against the virus but it is not a total defence.

“Those bathing with salt and water bcos of Ebola. Pls add little magi and pepper to spice it up, crayfish and onion too. #makefearnokilluna” –AY COMEDIAN (@AYCOMEDIAN)

“Kolanut was the cure, now salt… Tomorrow, we will wake up to see rumour that we should start putting Atarodo in our eyes…Nigerians!!!” ­—-@cutenaija

“If you think bathing with salt and water can prevent you from ebola then you should also bath with palm oil, it’ll prevent you from any bomb blast” – comedienne Princess (@princescomedian)

“And the amount of salt they’ll drink will be more than normal. Your kidneys, arteries, heart will sooner fail before Ebola gets to you. SMH. –Olo Osakioduwa (@O_Osakioduwa).


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