One of my beautiful friends is a poet; a poet whose style of writing I like. He sent this poem to me for my reading pleasure. I loved it and asked If I could share it. So here it is. Enjoy!
My thinking was shifting
in the direction of panic
I was desperately navigating
through the forest of fear
the dark mist wouldn’t lift
found just enough breath to scream
Only tried to beat time
took the wrong turn
landed on a bad road
stuck in thick mud,
staring at my watch
I scream in frustration
Energy utilised and discharged
as the scream is let out
can be channeled into thinking
into looking solution in the face
and not blink
Scream not because of
mere anxiety but with a purpose
Scream that they may hear
and tap energy from the fire
stirring within you
Scream,not in resignation
but with strength and in promise
Scream at the poor affluence’s
poisoning via bad influences
our before, pure ecology
Decadence of our morality
in this present society
has eaten our reality alive
let it bother you, scream
Shake the earth, groom the storm
let the volcanoes erupt
let the tornadoes blow
as we scream at the evil
tormenting both young and old
Scream, so men can be set free
without paying bribes as fee
Scream, so terrorists won’t slaughter
another woman’s daughter
for unacceptable reasons
Let the winds carry our scream
through the space of ages
Scream, even if it’s the one
and only thing we can do
For as we scream, we triumph!

The author, Abiodun Ogunnika blogs at Okiki blog. Have a good enough weekend guys 🙂


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