Screw potentials

Potentials are the latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness –

Parenthood was one of those family type TV shows that I absolutely enjoyed watching. I was really engrossed in the lives of the fictional characters and whenever I watched the show, I felt like I had found the next best thing to One Tree Hill. How I loved One Tree Hill! Amber, one of the fictional characters in Parenthood got on my nerves easily. I could not for the life of me understand how someone could live the kind of life she lived. Her mum moved her and her brother to a different city in other to detach Amber from her godforsaken boyfriend. Amber was enrolled in a new school and was told she would have to repeat the year instead of moving on to the next class since her grades were not good. She was very distraught by this because it meant she would have to be in the same class as her younger brother and would be the subject of ridicule. Seeing how distressed she was, her mum went to the headteacher to beg. She told the headteacher that Amber was a bright student who just needed to be believed in. She said Amber had a lot of potentials and just needed to be given the chance. I can’t remember if she was allowed to move to the next class, but I remember saying out loud to no one in particular that what’s the point of potentials if nothing will be done about it.

At a point in my life, I was a viewer of BKCHAT London, but I soon stopped because… I endured a few episodes mostly because of Nissy, one of the members. There was a time that discussions about dating someone with potentials arose and Nissy literally made me smile when she said she doesn’t mind dating someone with potentials, but if the guy is not doing anything at all to turn the potentials to something concrete, she wouldn’t go ahead. It’s simply a waste of time and resources to sit on potentials. Potentials won’t pay the bills.

Now, you see why she made me smile right?

Of course, I have had this discussion about potentials with Kamso. Her face as she talked about how potentials is crap and so many people use it as an excuse was epic. I used to think it was cute when people said I have potentials, but at some point, I started seeing it as a starting point. It stopped becoming a compliment. It just became an observation or statement which is rendered useless if I do nothing about it. So many of us stop at potentials, but really, think about it; WHO POTENTIALS EPP?

Ayo prompted me to write this article because of how painstakingly he talked about not liking the idea that someone has potentials or is going to be a great person, but does nothing further. I was delighted to find people that share my thoughts on this subject.

Listen people: There is no point of potentials if it lays fallow and is not turned into actualities. Potential is the starting point, it’s not the middle ground or the end. You will be highly mistaken if you think it’s the end. People get tired of hearing you tell them you have potentials if they can’t see you doing something about it. What’s the plan? What are the steps you are taking?  and so on.

Stay woke people! Potentials are really nothing if nothing is done about them.


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