She doesn’t know her beauty.

I came across Iyeoka Okoawo last year while looking for one of Asa’s songs. I immediately fell in love with her music because it was different; she mixes poetry with her songs and who doesn’t love poetry?! Like Asa and very few artists, she speaks about issues that make so much sense and her music is not just noise, it is true art.

I listened to all her songs and loved each and everyone of them, but two stood out in particular. “She doesn’t know her beauty” is one of the two and that’s what I will be sharing with you today. I really hope you like the song almost as much I do.

P. S:  We are going to be talking about how long people can date before they get married tomorrow. That should be interesting and for it to be interesting, it has to be interactive. So kindly be here tomorrow and tell people about it. Darling, If you haven’t yet subscribed to the blog, please do so you can get updates on what is going on here.


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