Small beginnings. A story

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Hi awesome people. So school might want to come in between us, but I will try my possible best not to let it. In case you don’t constantly see anything on this page, please blame school. Have a good week darlings and don’t forget that your beginning matters. So pay attention to it and don’t anyone play it down. Much love?


“Life gets tiring when nothing seems to be working out. You know, you keep working and your efforts keep getting slapped down. I can’t tell you how many times I have felt like throwing in the towel, but I keep pushing. I keep pushing because I have a picture of where I want to go and who I want to be, but I am tired. My vision has become seriously blurred and I think this time, I am ready to give up and accept whatever life throws at me.’ She looked at me with hollow eyes.

‘You know whatever will be will be.’ She looked at me and smiled. I returned her smile with mine.

The room became heavy with silence. I thought of what to say and subtly asked The giver of words to put words in my mouth. I know my sister has tried her best. She has a fighting spirit and has always dreamt big and gone after her dreams. Life has not been so kind to her, but she has refused to let life win. Her husband of only two years died of cancer and that left her paralysed for a while. But she got back up, albeit slowly, she got up and continued building their dream.

‘I was going to the mall to buy the dress Darasimi would use for her birthday and I got stuck in serious traffic.’ I said. Â She looked at me and smiled. “Awww! Darasimi looked so beautiful on her birthday. You chose well babe.’

‘Thanks boo. But I didn’t tell you about the terrible traffic that day. It was so terrible. You know how Lagos traffic is, but this was worse because one empty oil tanker had a malfunction and was parked across the road. I was stuck there for about three hours. We didn’t move for the first hour, but later we started moving slowly. It was very frustrating and I was mad at myself for going to the mall. It was getting late and there was no way I could get the dress again because I still had to get back home to make dinner. Regardless of how frustrating it was though, I was comforted by the fact that I would get home at the end of the day and see my beautiful daughter and kiss my goofy husband.’

She smiled. A smile that reached her cheeks and stayed there as she looked at me with love and pride. She is proud of me for not letting distance at some point stop me from giving my husband a chance. I lived in France while he was in nigeria (we actually met when I came to nigeria to see my parents while I was in the university) but after six years of dating, I gave France up to relocate back to Nigeria. It was a difficult decision for me as my parents had moved their two daughters to France since I was 5, and Eniola, 3. Eniola moved back to Nigeria after university, determined to know more about her roots.

‘I got home and was indeed kissed by love. The next day, I left the house early to go back to the same mall to get the dress I wanted.
The point of the story is, the traffic was an obstacle that seemed to deter me from reaching my goal of getting the dress. I stayed on the road and rode the traffic out though I had no choice. We were moving slowly, but we were moving. I did not let fear of traffic stop me from going to the same mall the next day. And this time, I got what I wanted. Darling, life is sometimes like that. It’s sometimes slow and it seems like we are not moving. It’s sometimes frustrating that we wish we didn’t take that step and we look for a way to get out. But when you have a picture in your head, when the vision has been made plain to you, you have to keep going. Stubbornly persist because you know that dream is waiting for you to actualise it. No matter how long it takes, it’s waiting for you’.

Eniola sighed. I offered her a kind smile. ‘Do not despise the days of small beginnings is what has been ringing in my ears since you told me how you and Daniel’s dream doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Do not despise days of small beginnings. It might be slow and small at the beginning because that is the foundation level. If you are not rushing to go no where fast and you really want to have a firm foundation, a lot of things will have to go into it. Which is good because it is what will prepare you and make you to never forget your source when you are moving fast. In these days of small beginnings, you will want to give up a lot but that’s when you will learn to trust a being who alone holds the future. That’s when your character be built because you will learn patience, perseverance, fortitude and doggedness. You will learn to keep moving even when you feel you are the same spot. Truth is, you are never at the same spot once you refuse to give up.’

I stopped and let the words sink in. She seemed lost in thought. After some minutes, she looked at me and said, ‘Do not despise the days of your small beginnings. Hmmm! It’s kind of like what mummy used to tell us while growing up. Your life is yours to lead. Your journey is unique to you and so is your beginning. Do not neglect your own beginning because you think another’s beginning is faster. Do not jump and use short-cuts because you think you are being left behind as every other person seems to be moving fast. Those that go fast without being built will soon crash and they will not know how to get back because they didn’t follow the due process that would build their faith and character. They were not prepared for what the future had in stock and without deliberate and adequate preparation, man messes up whatever is placed in his hands because he never learnt how to make use of it. Do not despise the days of small beginnings. And do not look down on someone who is just starting because you don’t know what a small beginning could produce.’

I could feel the energy in her words, my sisters aura is contagious, we were finally on the same page. I smiled and said ‘You see why I love and respect you so much? You get tired and tell me you will stop, but you never stop. You never stop because the vision has been made plain to you and you know a lot of destinies and dreams are tied to you fulfilling your vision and making you and Daniel’s dream a reality. You are so strong. So, so strong. Daniel chose right by putting his dream in your hands because he knew you would always draw your strength from God. You live out Paul’s words every time, ‘finally, my brethren, be strong in the lord and in the power of His might’. You always draw your strength from God. I am so proud of you,’ tears filled my eyes.

She stood up to hug me, ‘thank you for always reminding me of the truth. My beginning might be small, but it matters. It matters so much that I should not focus on how small the beginning is, but instead on the vision that has been made plain to me and on the supreme being that has given me the vision. He that started it is able to perfect it. And if I stop now because of my beginning or abandon my journey and choose that of another, I am not giving the dream giver something to perfect. I knew this, but sometimes, you need someone to remind you to keep going. Thank you for being that person for me.’

We had our moment interrupted by Darasimi who gently tapped Eniola on the wrist (God, my baby is so adorable) . She had not seen her since she came in. She shouted with glee and carried her. I looked at them and felt a grip around my waist, I smiled, I didn’t have to look back to recognise that it was my husband. My heart was filled with peace, I had the most important people in my life in that room. Life is beautiful, I concluded.

  • Oyinda
    October 8, 2015

    This is the most beautiful thing. God used you to send this message to me. Small beginnings will lead to the greatest ends by the light of the Lord

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      October 19, 2015

      Awww. My beautiful Damola. I am glad it spoke to you. Yes boo. Everyone starts from somewhere. Just appreciate wherever you are starting from and place it in the hands of God. God will always magnify what is in line with his purpose for you.

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