Happy new week darlings! This story was inspired by MSM, one of the strongest fighters I know. Thank you for inspiring me to have a fighting spirit.

She is a tenacious person, not the type to back down in a battle even if she knows she would not win. She would still fight to the finish. You wish to be as strong and determined as she is, but you wonder if you have the dogged spirit to ride it out when you are faced with oppositions. You were not expecting her call. You had not even thought about her in a while, that is your own defence mechanism. Not thinking about her lessens the pain of not having her around. You don’t want to miss her, because if you allow yourself to, you just might abandon the journey she urged you to go on and run back to her. It is getting tough on this journey, you knew it would be tough and that is why you never wanted to start the race, but she wouldn’t let you stay back because of challenge. She spoke to your heart for months leading up to you taking up the challenge. She told you, you will never go far in life if you don’t allow yourself to be pushed. With smiles on her face, she told you that life is all about being pushed and allowing yourself to be pushed in other to advance, but you should never allow life take control even when it is pushing you. You pondered on what she said for weeks and decided to go on the journey, not for you, but for her sake. Just to make her happy. You have always been one to grant her beautiful heart what makes her happy and she has always been one to ask you to do tough things, so you would have climbed a hurdle you might have saved for later when your strength would have diminished.

“Time is everything. You do it now and you don’t have to worry about it in future. Even if the same challenge brings its ugly head in the future, you have a past experience to make the challenge easier to understand and tackle. You should be glad when those challenges come, because they help grow you if you want to grow. It all depends on you. Go on this journey Ore and ride it out when it’s getting tough. You never know how strong you are until you have to. Take with you this Manual that Oluwa has freely given to all. It will guide you and speak to you when your heart is becoming faint”, your mother said to you and you decided to make her happy.

She called you to tell you she was really down. You asked her why she did not call you earlier to tell you so you could come back and she told you she didn’t because; she knew you would use that as an excuse to come back. And you would never go on the journey again because you would rather stay with the familiar than plunge into the world of unfamiliarity’s, the world that will produce a transformation in your life. She said she was good now and she was strong again. You asked what happened and she told you she failed. She failed, but she is ready to start again. She is ready to re-write her story and see her dreams come to life. She is ready to be tenacious enough and ride it out, knowing weeping may endure for a night, but her joy cometh in the morning. You told her you did not understand the point she was trying to prove and she told you, you don’t need to understand it and she doesn’t need to understand it, but that will not stop her from standing and exercising her strength to keep on trying. You wished her luck and reminded her that you were here for her. She said the giver of light will illuminate your path and make your heart grow stronger so you will stand through the challenges in life.


Your mother was trying to prove a point and that point was that she could graduate from school with good results even though she was old. Growing up, she never completed her education because she got pregnant with you. Her dream was to be an architect and she was going to be just that, until she missed her way. She let her friends dictate how her life was to be lived for her, but when it turned sour, she had to carry the load alone. She got pregnant for a man who never took responsibilities for you and her highly respected parents could not stand the shame their only daughter brought to them. So they cast her away and she was left to fend for herself and the miracle growing inside of her. She never complained; she never looked back. What was done was done. “Life is for those who pick themselves up and rise up to the challenge” is what she used to tell you. She brought you up and was able to take care of you because of the spirit she had, because of her back which never broke even when it should have. She always told you, “God never gives you a situation he knows you cannot handle. When it gets tough, you have a tendency to back out, but if you do, that means you will always back out throughout your life, because life tests your staying power”. Your mother lived for you, but never forgot she had dreams. So she had to write WAEC and JAMB and all the other exams needed to enter into a Nigerian university. She called you to tell you she failed, but she also called you to tell you she had already registered to do the exam again because her life is not about quitting. Her life is about riding it out till her inside is full of joy.


Your mother’s friend called you to tell you to come home. Your mother’s dead body awaited you. You asked what happened and you were told it was an accident. With a heavy heart, you packed your bag and went home to see your beautiful mother. You did not cry because like your mother would have told you, “you do not cry over spilled milk. You only learn the lesson you are meant to from the spilled milk and move on. You keep moving on even if you keep spilling the milk”. You later got your mother’s result, she passed. She could have gone to University to be an architect. You knew your mother would have still been an architect even if she failed in university, because her heart was the type that stood through it all and she would have kept on trying. She died before wearing her gown, but knowing your mother, she would have worn the gown before the news of the success. “When you place that dream in Oluwa’s hand, you start acting like He has already helped fulfill that dream. That’s what the educated people call Faith and that my child, is what you will have through it all”, were her last words to you before she died. You ask yourself: ‘Can I stand when I don’t understand?’ and your heart says a resounding, ‘Yes, you can because you are your mother’s child’. You go back to continue your journey and this time, you know you will not complain when it gets tough. You know you will also become tough because like your mother, you will stand until your song is sung.

Have a beautiful week guys!

  • frances
    March 30, 2015

    She died…
    But this kind of death, you don’t cry rejoice and celebrate.she lived well and left a trail of living life well for her child..
    As we will too..
    Happy new week Mayowa!

  • MSM
    April 9, 2015

    Wow! Brilliant

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