Step Up!

Hello Amazing People. I hope everyone is well. I apologise for not posting in a long while, it was unintentional. I wrote the piece I’m sharing with you today some weeks back, but didn’t get a chance to post it. So I thought to myself that what better way to get back on the blog than to post a short piece that I was greatly inspired to write. Besides, it goes well with the spirit of Christmas.

Enough talking. Kindly read this, let it inspire you to do something and PLEASE SHARE. 


Do you want someone to text you, just to check up on you?

Why not text that person first or someone else just to check up on him/her?

Do you need encouragement?

Why not encourage someone?

Do you want to be loved?

Why not love someone?

Do you need forgiveness?

Why not forgive someone?

Do you need a friend?

Why not be a friend to someone?


Step up!!!

Be an encourager.

Be a smile giver.

Be a positive chain starter and mover.

Be a forgiver.

Be a generous giver.

Be the light.

Step up!


‘You love because I first loved you’, says Jesus.

Why not be like the greatest role model ever?

Let someone say I love cause you love me

Let someone say I love cause you showed me how to through your love for me.

Let someone say I am kind because you sowed the seeds of kindness in my life.

Let someone say I give because your hands are always open to give.

Let someone say I forgive because like Jesus, you forgive me,

Even when I don’t deserve it and it’s hard for you to do.

Step up!


Let your life be a mirror that reflects Christ,

That people may be able to see God and all that God embodies.

That people may catch the fire, be the fire and spread the fire.

That people may say they stopped waiting,

They stopped making life just about them,

That they started looking beyond themselves.

That someone may say:  I stepped up because you decided to step up,

And stopped waiting for others to step up to you (or do something for you before you do it for them).

That someone may say: My life now makes a difference because you decided to step up and make a difference.

Step up!


We have been called to love and serve,

And love and serve, we shall.

Stop waiting and step up.

Don’t expect a ‘thank you’

It will be great to get one, but if you don’t,

Don’t let it stop you from stepping up.

Stepping up should not be about the appreciation,

But about becoming a better person,

Loving like Christ has called you to

And letting your light shine,

That men may see your good works,

And glorify your father in heaven.

Step up!


You won’t always feel like stepping up,

But like Stephen Furtick once said,

‘You don’t have to feel grateful to be grateful

So, I will say to you,

You don’t have to feel like stepping up to step up

Does it make sense?

Step up lovely people.

The world needs you to.


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