The Cage.

Hello darlings! The article below was written by one of my friends, Emmnanuel. I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂
You know people always seem to keep to a norm for the rest of their lives . Even though subconsciously they know they are evolving and they should adapt as such. Adaptation might not always be easy, we have evolved for billions of years to get to where we are , as such we should keep in mind that change is the only constant thing , perhaps, but everyone seems to prefer to stick to what they are used to even when it’s bad for them. This is mostly because of the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of trying out something, the pessimism which comes from attempting something you haven’t perfected.

the normAnd when change becomes inevitable , when we do adjust to circumstances and situations, we soon discover that we have been seeing the world from such a narrow mind set. We discover the vast amount of opportunities that have slipped us by , the chances wasted to experience something different from the norm. We discover how better and much more fulfilled we are when we do these things, but even after the euphoria gotten from the little adjustment we made, we still go back to what we are used to; what is acceptable as proper, what is required of us to accomplish. We are forced to become adults , not just adults but slaves to the word itself .

I think the higher we go in life, to a certain point, the smaller the mental cage we give ourselves and the heavier the chains around us are. I once heard a story about an elephant who was tied to a rope yet the rope wasn’t tied to the ground and then a little boy asked the tour guide: ‘how come the elephant hasn’t attempted to escape?’ and the tour guide replied, ‘he was tied there for so long , that when the shackles became loose , he didn’t know the difference’. When I was younger I never thought I could stop playing games but one day I decided to do something different and I opened just one of the numerous books my dad had bought for me; I was astonished at the extent I could stretch my imagination and that day was the day I actually realised the human imagination has no limit.

There are no limits except the ones we create for ourselves. Why stop yourself from exceeding your imagination? – Mayowa Depo- Oyedokun

limits 2I always say everything is relative to one another, sometimes people have experiences that stop them from taking that vital step from inside the cage to the outside world , and more often than not, that may be the only therapy needed with time to heal all their wounds . But then again  who am I to speak for them? When deep down, you know someone has not gone through what you have gone through and haven’t felt the emotions you have felt nor seen life the way you see it. It is unlikely you’ll listen to someone telling you to take the bold step of stepping into the unknown when you know they know nothing about your experiences, about the times you got burnt by the sun when you tried to reach out for it. But that is where we humans have to adjust. Sometimes, all it takes is to sit back and reflect on one’s self and then you’ll be surprised how much you can change in a very short period of time. You are scared, I am scared but why don’t we open ourselves to the sun again and let’s see if are stronger than the last time?

  • Aderinsola
    January 8, 2015

    It’s almost like you are talking to me, Emmanuel. I love this

  • mayowa
    January 8, 2015

    I can totally relate to this. Humans will naturally prefer to stay in their comfort zones, but staying there stops us from seeing the beautiful possibilities that are beckoning to us at the other side.

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