The Christian Badge.

Hey guys! It’s Mayowa here. I wrote the article you are about to read with irritation and also a need for us to re-examine our ways especially as Christians. I do hope you read with an open mind and examine your ways, make sure you live in the way you really should with the help of the Holy Spirit. Have a beautiful day and let your life reflect Christ today and always.
She was really singing Christian songs and all that was going through my mind was: ‘Is it all about singing?’ It can’t be all about singing because if it is, many people can sing their way to heaven. Many people can through their singing show they are Christians but it’s really not all about singing. It’s not all about being the best worker at your church or a hot prayer warrior or the sister that never wears trousers, the brother that has never watched porn or had inappropriate thoughts. If it’s all about that, I dare say we have many that have not proclaimed Jesus as their lord and personal savior who by this criteria, should be referred to as Christians. It’s really very sad how many of us focus on having the ‘Christian badge’ and neglect what it really means to be Christ-like, to love like he loves, to give all of us and to be shining lights for him. When your actions betray everything Christ and the Church stands for, I’m sorry, but you are only carrying about the Christian badge; a badge that can easily be removed.

I will forever belong to the school of thought that says: ‘ACTIONS WILL ALWAYS BE LOUDER THAN WORDS’ because badge 5your thoughts might not be readable, your words can be easily washed offshore but your actions will always leave an indelible mark whether or not you like it. Hawt pastor (Pastor Aduloju) once told me a story from one his days as a ‘spirikoko’ Christian in University. Most knew him as ‘Pastor’ and they felt he judged them because of their way of life. One day, his roommate who wasn’t a Christian and some of his friends were in the room him and his roommate shared. He (Hawt pastor) went to prepare food and though he didn’t have much, he made for his roommate and his friends. He came into the room with the food, haven taken cutlery for them with him. He invited them to come and eat and they thought he was joking mainly because they always believed he judged them and he might try to use that avenue to preach to them, they were tired of his fierce less sermons. The guys were hungry but were not sure his offer was genuine. One of them decided to go and join him after telling the others he was really hungry. At the end of the day, they all joined him and one of them opened his mouth to say, ‘Aduloju, you have disappointed me today by calling me to come and eat. Me, a sinner, eat from your plate’ and because of that singular act of love being shown through action, the man decided to know Jesus and he is today a pastor. Hawt Pastor learnt that it wasn’t about talking, but about showing.

Are you the best singer in your church but you lack the fruits of the spirit as stated in Galatians 5: 22-23?

Are you an amazing preacher that feels he is really holy and other people are unclean, so you judge others forgetting you have a speck in your own eyes too?

Are you seen in the church as a saint with a God-like attitude yet when you leave the church premises, your attitude is nothing to write home about, forgetting nothing is hidden from God even if men are blind?

badge 2Christ is all about love. Love to me will make you shut up and start showing those things you have been saying with your mouth. It will make you act like God and never condemn anyone when it’s only his grace that is also sustaining you. Love to me will make you condemn an act but not the person. Love will make you give your best without expecting to be paid back for your act of love. Love to me is giving your all to God but also showing kindness to the people he has placed on Earth with you. Jesus made reference to Love so many times in the bible and he even explicitly stated that the greatest of all the commandments is LOVE. Love is even greater than the faith you have. Love will make you check up on people. Sometimes, your prayer is actually not enough; reaching out, an act of love to the recipient of your prayer might be more important. Your words might be able to touch someone today but your love (agape, verb), your attention, your attitude will touch someone’s heart faster, more effectively and for a longer time.

I would advise you just as I would myself to please stop having a meaningless Christian badge. Let your life and attitude reflect Christ because that is the fastest way you can draw people to him. And love, asking the holy spirit to teach you how to love even when you’d rather hate. It’s important you know you can deceive men with your Christian badge but you can never deceive the one who searches the utmost part of your heart. It’s not going to be easy but that’s why we have the Holy Spirit to help us.badge 3

Some verses in the bible about love: John 3:16, John 15:13, matt 5:43-45, 1st cor 12:4-8, Mark 12:30-31, John 13:34-35, John 14:15, 1st Peter 4:8, Proverbs 17:17


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