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Hello darlings! I hope your weekend has been good so far. If it hasn’t, you still have some hours to do amazing things like read this post. I joined my church online for the conclusion of 10 days at Shiloh and It was so amazing. You can actually watch it here. May the Angels protect us and trouble neglect us in this last week in September.
Oyinda is 14!!!! Oyinda is my awesome, brilliant, inspiring, God lover, beautiful and so many other qualities younger sister. This girl is a blessing to my family and to many others. God really knew what he was doing when he added a very cute baby to our family on the 28th of September, 2000. She is 14 but mehn, this girl is beyond words brilliant and wiser than her age. I actually really learn from her  and she gives me quality advice. We are so proud of her. Not only because of her kick-ass achievements but also because of her heart. My baby will soon have her first novel out, so you better watch out.

Oyinda and I

Oyinda, May you never stop growing in him. Your being will forever be in God and no one will be able to tamper with the beautiful destiny God has given you. I am so excited about your future darling and It will be so amazing to see you grow and become a better version of who you are. If you have read any story or article written by her, you will agree with me that she is an amazing writer and it’s time for her to have a column on this blog. Well, she will soon have her own column, but for now, enjoy this story that was written by ‘mi casa’.

Oyinda in primary school


This is what I call our union. Akin, we are so different! But, I guess that’s what makes us inseparable. I love you in case you’ve forgotten- but you can never forget. I,born and bred in England by my doctor parents, and you, born and bred in Lagos by your father, a sociology lecturer and no mother.

I’ve always thought you lack that touch of one who had a mother but you still turned out great so, don’t worry. I know this article will not have as much wit as any one of yours would but I’ll still write because you do. Gosh! I don’t do this, never before. It’s you Akin, it’s you.

The three Depo girls

The three Depo girls.

I love the way we think: not at all alike. I like the way you look at a hand and see how all the lines connect and read a meaning into it and how you notice how different the palm is from the dorsum in texture and colour but how they’re still together and I just see a hand with veins, and darker patches of skin, and cells, and glands.

I love the way you talk; with so much confidence although what you’re saying might be wrong and I would know that it is. I like the way you call me ‘Scientist of life’ and poke fun at my British accented Yoruba and call me ‘British’ when I try to correct you when you pronounce a word the wrong way.

Oyinda, Mum and Dad

I love the way we see different worlds. I like the way you psycho-analyse anyone you meet for the first time and tell me whether they’re dead-beat or not and I just notice their body type. I like the way you can share food with anybody and I can’t do that. I like the way you tease me and tell me that we’re still exchanging saliva when we kiss and I tell you I know- because I do know everything- but I still keep my ‘no sharing food’ rule.

I like the way you see pain. It demands to be felt and to you, appreciated because without pain, there wouldn’t be relief but I just see it as things tearing and eating up and so on in the body. I like the way you’re gentle in bed – Yes, I do although I pretend not to- because you think you can get hurt even though I tell you every time that you can’t. I like the way you force me to eat Amala and other native dishes sometimes and tell me I’m too English to be Yoruba.

She is taller than me…smh!

We are like a compound; chemically joined together to form a totally new substance- I like that. I love that all the bull of science and psychology and really any cognition we have of the world mostly disappears when we’re together. I love it when we fight, most times unreasonably and then after, you make it up to me as if it is a honeymoon.

Well, everything sums up to the fact that I absolutely completely love and adore you, the whole of you. You make me do things I never thought I would do. You complete that part of me that was so void. You make me me. Akintayo dear!

Your dearest Moyo. (Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun)

Her birthday last year

Her birthday last year

  • frances
    September 28, 2014

    Happy birthday in arrears dear…
    and you write beautifully well! Truly

  • oyinda
    September 30, 2014

    Thank you so much! Omg! The kind of pictures though. Love you! :*

  • oyinda
    October 3, 2014

    It is oh!

    October 19, 2014

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