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Hi guys! I hope you are having a good weekend. I asked Ayo Wright  to write an article on Football and he produced this master piece. I claim to be a supporter of Arsenal, though I know little or nothing about football, but I felt the spirit of a football lover through this article. Enjoy reading it and have a good weekend.

Happy birthday Ayo Wright. May everything good come to you. Thank you for being a shining light. Much love hon!



Nope, I am not talking about a playstation console or any other video game console or chess or scrabble. I am talking about…………….Football! The great Bob Marley once said ‘Football is a whole skill to itself. A whole world. A whole universe to itself. Football is freedom’   That is just deep. Such depth for something that is just a sport. Ordinary foo… {Haaayyysss stop there!} This, most likely, is the thought in the mind of football lovers reading this.

How dare you say football is just a sport. You even have the guts to go on to say ‘ordinary foo…’  Boy you better be careful. Yes, Football is that deep. Football breathes out hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a fantastic Saturday, Sunday, Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night. It gives you something to look forward to on these days. It’s like a date. Football is a blessing. Football is a mood changer.  Football brings people of different beliefs, different colors, different tribes, different nations, different perspectives, different careers, different backgrounds and different characters together as one. It’s beautiful.

I have been asked by some females why guys are so into football. Like ‘What do you people even see or enjoy in this thing?’ ‘I don’t just get this football thing’. I have tried to explain, tried to look for the perfect way to describe the reason we are so into the game.  But on different attempts to put it in words, I think I have failed to paint the perfect picture for them. You can’t simply put in words! See, even writing this article isn’t easy. I am looking for how best to put it in words for you to get it. My guys reading this would understand what I’m saying. We take so much pride in the teams we support. When your favorite team wins like this, it’s as if your shoulders just gets lifted above your head. You can actually walk into the classroom or office (the next working day) like a boss! Especially when the favorite team of your friends in school or at work doesn’t win. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! They won’t have the right to talk much for almost a week, at least until football is back and their team wins. They just have to embrace the spirit of humility for that period. A more wonderful feeling is when your team actually wins a trophy, be it the EPL title, La liga title, Bundesliga title, FA cup, Spanish cup or even the UEFA Champions’ league! That’s just the height. Nobody will hear word again. Enough bragging rights. Bragging rights for months, even years. But when your team loses, it’s not a wonderful feeling. Especially when your team loses consecutively. You basically just get mocked or muted by your friends in school or at work and even on social media. Just imagine all we face because of the performance of our favorite team.

It’s amazing because these clubs we support wholeheartedly don’t even know us. They don’t know as much of us as we know of them. I guess this is why some people marvel at football lovers and fanatics. Your team can either put a smile or a frown on your face. I am a Manchester United fan by the way. I remember when we played a UEFA champions league final against Chelsea that went down to penalties. Oh boy, what a night that was. At some point it seemed as if we were going to lose it. I just couldn’t watch it again so I went to the toilet, feeling nervous and almost tearing up (if not already tearing up). I had to man up and go back to watch it. We ended up winning the final. See joyyyy! Kings of Europe! It’s not as if Man United even sent part of the money attached to winning the trophy to me. But down here in Nigeria, it was as if I was right there in Moscow with the team. Amazing stuff. For the past few years though, I have lost a lot of bragging rights as a fan. This is due to my team not playing as well as they used to. So much disappointments that I have actually learnt how to deal with it. Back then when rival teams lost before Man U played, I would have the confidence to mock their fans because I knew my team won’t fall my hand when they play. However, these days I apply wisdom. I don’t mock them until my team has won. This whole mocking each other thing is majorly on twitter these days.

football 2

One of the interesting things that football brings is the passionate arguments between fans. You would hear some fans referring back to the past to support their points. The argument could be based on something like ‘Arsenal is Man United’s wife any day any time ’, meaning Arsenal usually gets beaten by United. Then an arsenal fan would start defending his team with facts that go against such a notion. Going as far as mentioning the year Arsenal beat United home and away, as well as the players that scored. It’s amazing how sharp our memory gets when it comes to football. It’s amazing how passionate we get when defending our team with facts. It’s amazing how loyal and faithful we are and stay to our teams. Oh, Arsenal fans can tell you a whole lot on staying true to a club even in hard times and reaping the benefits when your team comes out of a trophyless drought of close to 9 years and wins back to back trophies.  Sadly though, football has become a religion to many. Some can physically hurt and kill someone because of football. Some have lost money from gambling on a team, while some have gotten rich from the same gambling. Some have died in the midst of supporting or playing for a team. Some have taken it way too far.

So, I, as a God lover and a football lover, would like to call for moderation even as we support our team. Let’s also spend a large amount of time knowing God as much as we know everything about our team and our football, staying true to Him and loving Him genuinely. Imagine if we could know God the way we know our team, how fantastic! It would even make more sense because God knows and loves us in and out, unlike the team we support. Imagine if we could brag about our God the way we passionately brag about our team. Imagine if we stay loyal and faithful to God with the same faithfulness and loyalty we have for our team. Imagine we love God the same way we love our team, if not more.

Just imagine.

  • mayowa
    September 12, 2015

    Ayo, thank you for this. I really enjoyed reading this.

    I have been around guys for long enough to know how much football means to them. You guys don’t joke with your football. Even if the woman you love is trying to engage you in a conversation, you are in a different realm when that football match comes on.

    I have experienced how guys get insulted when the team they support loses. I have a friend who can die for Chelsea. When Chelsea loses, his whole day is messed up. Like, don’t even talk to him. I used to think it was unnecessary, but I later got to understand football is life to him. And when Chelsea wins, he becomes a charitable person.

    I will definitely let my husband be when he is watching football, but I won’t take it if football takes my place. Lailai.

    Thanks for this again Ayo. And yes, guys should be dedicated to God as they are to football. Ladies too.

  • abey
    September 12, 2015

    I dey feel you Ayo,you’ve spoken ‘our’ minds bruv…blessings!

  • ayo wright
    September 12, 2015

    Thank you very much! I’m glad you guys like(d) it. Glory to God.
    Thanks again, Mayowa..for the privilege!

  • Mzp
    September 12, 2015

    Nice one ayo, what a nice advice to the guys is that they should not take football as a priority to the extent that anyone around them doesn’t matter.ayo?

  • Ada
    September 12, 2015

    Please tell all these boys oo so they would let us hear word!. Let them love God more than ‘football’. This is great. I didn’t want it to end. Good job!

  • Graziella
    September 12, 2015

    It reminded me of back then. When we were in high school. U guys would just be shouting about “Man U, Barca, Chelsea, etc. And we the girls would just be staring at u people as if u guys had ran mad overnight because of football Lool. This is really lovely A.Y! I’m proud of u. And Happy birthday God’s blessings!

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 14, 2015

      Hahaha! It’s nice to know I was not the only one that thought they had ran mad when they used to scream so much about football.

  • Ada
    September 12, 2015

    Great job! This is interesting!

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