The Heart of A King.

ETP made a comment on Monday’s post and said she feels the month of August will be an awesome one through MSB. Yes, indeed. It will be an awesome one and to continue in the awesomeness of this month (It has already been so awesome for me. I hope I am not the only one), I have an awesome bible study article written by my very own Smish. Smish is no stranger to us on this blog and you will agree with me that he has been nothing short of a blessing to us on this blog. Imagine having this great thinker and lover of God as one of your personal persons. Don’t be too jealous of me.

Bring out your bible, note pad or whatever to write something down as this article will definitely leave something in you (pun intended).

Now lets dig in…

Hi people. Let’s start off by looking at the anchor scripture for this post.

But David went back and forth from Saul to tend his father’s  sheep at Bethlehem – 1 Samuel 17: 15

I want to tell you something about a man called David, something you probably never knew or noticed or paid attention to. Move with me.

The said david was a renowned instrumentalist, poet and rapper, amongst other things.  David was probably Bethlehem’s finest, the pride of his ‘hood’. Progressively, as fate would have it, someone suggested him to the king as his private instrumentalist, to play to him whenever he(The king) was depressed.

I mean, here is a guy, less than 20 years old,  playing personally for the king. You don’t need a sage to tell you that he was the biggest and probably the most successful artiste of his time, he had ‘blown’. Now, imagine how many groupies he would have, imagine the fame, imagine the esteem. And to top all that, the king made him his right hand man. So apart from being the presidential musician, he was also the senior adviser on entertainment and youth affairs, or something like that.   Now, in the middle of playing for the king, ‘blowing up’, taking up a political post and getting used to the fame and attention, he was still ‘going back and forth from the king to tend his father’s sheep in bethlehem’.

We might need a little historical perspective to this, please bear with me.

Bethlehem, in David’s time was a small village on a ridge in the ‘hill country of judea’, five miles south and west of Jerusalem, somewhere around the northern edge of the desert of Judah. It was a relatively insignificant city with some little historical attachments. Come to think of it, its like Davido or say Justin Bieber (Davido sounds more like it to be honest, for apparent reasons!) going to work at his mothers ‘shop’ in his small and relatively unknown town, after performing for Obama and receiving a political appointment.

Now, the said ‘shop’ wasn’t all that big or influential. If you go down to verse 28  of our anchor scripture, Eliab, david’s older brother  specifically said “…and with whom did you leave those FEW SHEEP in the desert?”. So it wasn’t a big flock, even by bethlehem standards, which wasn’t the biggest of villages. Also, he wasn’t plying this trade in a prime location because eliab called it a DESERT. Meaning it was  hard, gruesome work. Think about it. Try feeding sheep in the desert. There’s not much grass and you have to trek for a long time to reach an oasis …all the while in the glaring heat of the day, with little water.

Honestly, if it was me, I’ll be like “Daddy, I’m serving the king now, I’m moving to the palace…aint nobody got  time for a FEW SHEEP in the DESERT’. “This is important work I’m doing here you know, moreover, I  have blown. I’m at the height of my career. I should be able to take care of myself now”.

How many of us would have done that? That’s the logical thing if we’re being honest. But young, popular pop star, David chose another route, the harder route. The service route.

The most valuable thing is great service, yet you serve as if it is punishment – TD Jakes.

Do you Know how much humility it takes to do that? And that is the heart of a king. Knowing that you have stately affairs, but still going back to TEND the FEW SHEEP. Because at the end of the day, LEADERSHIP IS ABOUT THE SHEEP! (No pun intended).

Leadership is service. Its about serving people. I’m sure that’s where God taught David the dynamics of HR and Personnel Management. Because, the number one reason for his prominence and further fame was how wisely he always handled the people that were in his charge. David learnt HUMILITY, SERVICE and SACRIFICE, all  important ingredients in the making of a great king. Come to think of it, he could have chosen to be ambitious and started scheming his way to the throne once he got to the palace. He was well liked by Saul, I’m guessing the palace people would like him too, but he waited on God’s time and  process. By that he learnt PATIENCE. He practiced Hebrews 6v12 there. “…through faith and PATIENCE inherit what has been  promised”.

There you have it.  PATIENCE, HUMILITY, SERVICE and SACRIFICE. Some of the vital ingredients of a  king in making.

If you serve, you will be a leader. But if you insist on leading, you will always be a servant. Jesus made a name for himself by serving – TD Jakes.

You’re sure you’re called to lead, are you serving right now, because in the real sense of it, service and leadership are the same thing with different labels. And you know the thing about labels, they’re not all that important.

I pray this little study on David moves us to a positive action. Remain Awesome.

  • Elizabeth Peters
    August 3, 2016

    Eyyy I see meeee! ??

    This is an awesome post! I’ve read David’s story countlessly and never noticed the magnitude of that line! Thank you so much for this insight – staying humble is key!

    God bless you sweetie – more grace!

  • Oyinda
    August 4, 2016

    Love love this. More ink to your pen Smishy A.

  • Abey
    August 6, 2016

    Spoken like a sage,words of a sharp wise guy! Blessings!

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