The high wall of Aso Villa

Yo people, It’s Friday. Time to get ready for this weekend’s fun. Even if your idea of fun is just sitting at home, watching movies, it’s fine. As long as you don’t have to wake up early to rush to work or school. So This artistic cartoon illustration was done by the talented Mr Mike Asukwo. You can check him out on facebook to see more of his beautiful depictions of the happenings in Nigeria and the world. I felt compelled to write something drawing my inspiration from the illustration (I hope SSS won’t come and pick me up o). So do enjoy and remember, sharing is caring. Therefore, care away my exceptionally awesome MSB readers…

I remember when I was much younger, white people were like gold to me but as I became older, I discovered they are not so different from us except for the colour of their skin, their eye colour and some little differences that don’t make them superior to us. Unfortunately, many Nigerians including those in government sadly see whites as gold and their voices as more important than us, their fellow country men’s voices. What we don’t know is this is killing us and is making us open up ourselves to exploitation. A Nigerian man pitches an idea to the Nigerian government but it’s discarded. A white man pitches the same idea, it is accepted and supported just because…

It is crazy how much western establishments thrive here because of the importance we give to them. Yes, it’s good to be part of the global community and have western establishments here but common, when will we start supporting our young local entrepreneurs? I am also guilty of condemning our stuff and opting for the western made stuff (well naija people, also stop making second hand, abba made stuff) but really, it’s time we start supporting our own. The white man doesn’t treat us like manna from heaven when we go to their country except our abilities really shows we are special (even then, their pride doesn’t exactly let them show us we are the answer to their prayers), so why then should we treat them like God directly planted them on earth when they come to us? Let’s also have pride small now. Imagine a Nigerian man even giving preferential treatment to a white man over a black, yes, it has happened a lot. I was in a store one day here in Nigeria waiting in line to pay for something I bought, a Nigerian guy was in front of me also waiting to be attended to but the silly people at the counter just exhibited mental slavery when they attended to a white guy that wasn’t even on the line immediately and courteously while the rest of us, having the same skin as them waited. Apparently the skin colour they have on repel them. *Shior* Just imagine the nonsense and I’m sure you also have an account of something similar.

It’s the same way it’s very silly that Malala was listened to by the president with him promising to take action though fellow Nigerians have been out in the sun protesting, begging, crying for actions to be taken to bring back our girls. None of those protesters could talk to the president, not even the leader of the campaign


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