The journey to Harbledown

Today makes it exactly three weeks ago that my friends and I embarked on a journey to a place we had never been before. We got lost on the way but after a long walk, we got to our destination, only to be told that we had no business there. Yes, we traveled for about an hour and throughout the unexpected events that happened during the journey, we comforted ourselves with the fact that we were going paint balling, but that never happened. Sit tight. I am about to download events of that day to you and there are some pictures 🙂 (I don’t have everyone’s pictures. I also couldn’t upload videos).


I live with three crazy girls who like to act out, it gets so weird at the house sometimes. But I think out of everyone living in that house, Simbiat is the one we and some other concerned friends are most worried about. I wish I could upload videos of her in her ‘mood’ on this blog, but I know she will kill me. She acts in ways that makes me wonder how one person can be so… so. I don’t even know the correct adjective to use to qualify her. But I love my girl. She always manages to put a smile on my face, but not when the day first started out that Saturday.


Simbiat was going to turn 21 on the 24th of January and even though she is crazy, we still love my baby girl. On that note, we planned to celebrate her. And ‘weirdly’ so, we had to coerce her into it because if you left her to herself, she would just stay at home, watch a movie, cook fried rice and tell us ‘food is ready’ like it’s not a special day. So we were on her neck about a week before her birthday. Actually, two weeks before the birthday, Keji was already ringing it in her ears that she is doing something for her birthday. So questions such as ‘what are your plans?’ were being constantly directed at Simbiat two weeks before her birthday. At first, her response was ‘nothing’ but Keji can be relentless. Days later, Simbiat changed it to ‘we will go for dinner’. But that was not enough for Keji.


So Simbiat decided we would go paintballing on Saturday and go for dinner on Sunday, which was her actual birthday. We were excited. K.V.O came from Nottingham and Mayokun came from Medway to celebrate with Simbiat. It was going to be a lovely weekend.


I can’t remember who woke me up that Saturday, but it was really a struggle to get out of bed. We had to leave the house at 12 because Simbiat made the reservation for 1. We got out of the house a little late. Gbemi met us at town where we were going to get the bus. Keji is our “Google maps” so whenever we’re headed to an unfamiliar place, keji gets us there. Instinctively, Keji decided we should board another bus (can’t remember the number) because the one we were familiar with was late. But Keji said not to worry, the bus we were about to enter goes the same direction. So 7 girls happily got on the bus and the journey had already gone too far before we realized we were not on the right route.


Keji went to ask the bus driver and he kindly told us to get down at the next stop and get on the bus going back because we were LOST!!! So we came down in the middle of nowhere (okay, not in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful, the grass was green, but it was also lonely because not many cars were passing and there were no houses in sight). We waited for a while and luckily, a bus came. Poor K. V. O and Mayokun had to buy another travel ticket because they didn’t have a bus pass like the rest of us.



We got on the next bus, traveled for another 30 mins and came down at the wrong stop. So we had to walk to where we were actually going to. Such a day!!! We finally saw the place where the paint balling was to take place. The issue was, for us to get there, we had to pass through a muddy place. The problem here was that most of us were not wearing the appropriate shoes for that kind of condition. But we were not going to let the mud stop us from having fun, so we forged on to our destination. A very happy moment turned sour when the attendant on ground said that the last batch already left for paint balling. We were confused. We had a reservation, or so we thought. Simbiat called the person she had been talking to and the person said he had given out our table. Table??? Apparently, Simbiat had been talking to the restaurant and never booked a slot for paint balling. So yeah, we went there for nothing. All eyes were on Simbiat, but it was the day before her birthday. She was allowed to make such silly mistakes, but mistakes like this would not be pardoned when she turned 21. We waited in the cold for about 30 minutes before the next bus that would take us home came.


It was such a blessing to get back home and honestly, the journey to Harbledown is one of those memories that will stay with me for a very long time. Later in the evening, we went bowling. Got free drinks and my team, consisted of Eden, Keji, Gbemi and I won. The other team only had a chance because Matthew helped them out. We went back home excited.


My baby girl’s birthday came and she was woken up with balloons in her face. We booked reservation at Prezzo restaurant for 7pm and because Kamso (she lives close to her) knows the kind of people that we are, she came to our house to make sure we were dressed and ready to go on time. For the first time in our history together as friends, we made it on time… okay, 5 minutes late, but that’s still something. The others arrived later. It was such a beautiful day. So much laughter, peace and happiness. Simbiat had a lovely birthday and called us ‘the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for’. It was a very good weekend.


So darlings, that’s was our experience three weeks ago. It sounds cliché but what I learnt from there is that whenever life gives you mud to walk on, walk on it with joy and dance on it. Find a way to make fun out of a seemingly bad situation and learn whatever there is to learn. At least now we know never to trust Simbiat to make a reservation. We also know we should be sure about the destination of a bus before getting on it, rather than just leave it to Keji (On Monday, we were going for a house viewing, got on the wrong bus again and found ourselves in Faversham. Another town entirely).


Have a lovely weekend beautiful people.


See you on Monday loves!


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  • frances
    February 7, 2016

    Fine gehs!!!

    Happy birthday in arrears Simbiat!

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